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“I spent the last 20 years being told by doctors that there is nothing more they can do, then I met with [Dr. Gagnon] and was reading within an hour.” - Jim V.



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Jordy is a hands free distance and close focus wearable magnifier in the form of low vision glasses. Some have called Jordy "Macular Degeneration Glasses". Jordy low vision glasses are a battery-operated wearable magnifier with a pantoscopic tilt. Jordy glasses can also be used as two low vision systems in one. Jordy can be worn like a pair of glasses to see near, far, & everything in between or mounted to the optional docking stand turning the Jordy into a Desktop video magnifier. This low vision aid is perfect at work, home, school, at your and anywhere on the go!


Peace of Mind "CCTV" Program

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Ophthalmic Resource For Untreatable Patients

Patients ask us, "How come my Doctor did not inform me of these resources?"

Top 10 Low Vision Aids for 2018

The compassionate Low Vision Specialists at NELV&B have compiled our list of top low vision aids that can help.