Product Rental Services

Rental Services

The latest and greatest, high-quality, brand name products we offer are now available for rent at a discount

Introducing Our Product Rental Service

We at New England Low Vision and Blindness make it easy to rent the low vision products and adaptive technology you need right now. We have a wide selection of low vision products to rent, from almost every leading supplier including Enhanced Vision, Freedom Scientific, Optelec, Humanware, including desktop CCTV’s to portable CCTV’s and everything in between.

Do you want to try low vision technology before you buy?

Do you want to get the latest, brand-name, low vision products for your home, office, or school, but aren't sure if they will fit your budget? 

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Current List of Available Rental Equipment

Here is a list of our current equipment ready to rent but check back often because we are constantly updating!

Updated April 18, 2024

Why Rent Low Vision Products?

Life is full of changes. Getting used to these changes can be tough. For most people transition means stress and uncertainty. These times of transition call for flexible and temporary solutions. We remove the worry and financial uncertainty that come with permanent vision loss so that you can focus on adapting and retaining your independence.


Renting is a great way to reduce costs if you are only going to use adaptive technology for a short time or if you want to try different models before making a final purchasing decision. Rather than buying expensive low vision equipment we let you rent at a low monthly fee (less than most people spend on monthly cable bills) and there is No Growing Interest to put you in debt. Please call 888-211-6933 to schedule a visit to our showroom in Worcester, MA for a no-obligation demonstration.

Highest Quality Low Vision
Product Rentals

We offer “like new” low vision products that were gently used as demo equipment. We test each of our rental products with our quality assurance checks, inspection and cleaning to guarantee that it arrives to you spotless and in optimal working condition. We rent only the highest quality low vision products.

Simple, Hassle-Free

We make it easy to rent low vision products. Return them whenever you want and cancel at any time. We do not lock you into long contracts. If you want to rent the products again later, that’s ok too. You can even decide to buy the model you are renting and we will apply your rental payments towards the outright purchase. We make it easy for you to rent or own our low vision equipment.


Whether drop-shipped by FedEx, UPS, etc., if you choose to pick up your rental system at our corporate office, or if we are hired to personally deliver your low vision rental system with professional set-up and personalized instruction, your low vision rental is ready when you are. We maintain a wide inventory of available low vision rental options, to ensure fast delivery so you can start using it right away.

Test Drive Different Low Vision Technology

Are you interested in Low Vision Adaptive Technology but want to try before you buy? Renting is a great option to let you try out different adaptive technology models. See if low vision adaptive technology is right for you. Find out if these low vision products are easy to learn and use, if they just sit around gathering dust or if they are the right fit for your lifestyle.


We work one-on-one with you to determine your needs and help you throughout the process. Our low vision professionals help you pick the perfect low vision rental solution to match your needs until you are ready for more permanent adaptive technology. We can even drive to your home to personally deliver your product, set it up and train you how to use it.

Set Up

We advise that our Low Vision Technology professionals drive out to you to deliver and setup your rented equipment. They make sure that it is set up where you want and working before they leave, plus they provide instruction on how to use for both reading and writing. (Additional delivery and installation fees apply based on location.)

Upgrade to a Newer Model Whenever You Want

Technology changes fast. When you rent your low vision products from us you can upgrade to something new at any time (Note: your payments may adjust accordingly).

In Payment

We know that flexibility is a big reason why you would choose to rent our low vision products so we have flexible options to match your needs. Choose the flexible payment option and rental timeline that’s right for you. You can make fixed weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payments with no growing interest. Your rental payments are set from the beginning and do not go up over time.

Our Low Vision Equipment Rental Process

All rentals have a 3 month minimum. Upon receiving your Low Vision equipment you will be charged for the first month. If for any reason you are unhappy with the low vision adaptive technology you rented, you may return it within the first 10 days to our corporate office and you will not be charged for the remaining 2 months. If you are satisfied with your Low Vision rental then you will be charged for the remaining 2 months on the 10th day.

Quality and Fast
Delivery Guaranteed

Shop with 100% peace of mind. We guarantee that your low vision rental technology will arrive clean, undamaged and ready to use.

Do you want to try low vision technology before you buy?

Do you want to get the latest, brand-name, low vision products for your home, office, or school, but aren't sure if they will fit your budget? 

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