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Training for iPad, Alexa, & More

Our Assistive Technology Specialists not only keep up with the latest technology, low vision apps, and devices but can train you and your loved ones on how to use them.

iPad Training Services

Low Vision & Blindness iPad & App Training Services

Years of Experience

Not everybody comes to vision loss and assistive technology with the same level of expertise. That's where our low vision and blindness rehabilitation training services provide the greatest benefit.
Our Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts bring more than 100 years of low vision and blindness training experience.

Unique Team Approach

Our Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation team works together to cross train and share the latest innovations in low vision and blindness technology.

Our flexible, caring and customized training is designed around you the individual user, no matter what your level of experience.

Unbiased Recommendations

Because our Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts receive no commission on any product(s) they recommend, they remain unbiased and can freely recommend the best possible solution for you no matter who the manufacturer is.

A Message From Our President and Co-Founder

Specialized Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts:

A Team Approach

As an integrated low vision and blindness training team, our consultants and trainers bring
more than 100 years of low vision and blindness training experience to their assignments.

iPad Training Services

Meet Some of Our Experts:

Michelle Perkins

Senior Assistive Technology Specialist

Stephanie Abruzzo

Assistive Technology Specialist

William Hawley

Assistive Technology Specialist

Our team of known, tested, & trusted low vision technology rehabilitation experts can help you get started living boldly again!

Whether you are visually impaired or you have a child with vision loss in kindergarten, elementary school, high school or college, our vision experts have the right solution for you.

Training Packages and Pricing

Package Name Description In Person Cost Remote Cost
Starter 1 Session $495 $330
PRO 2 Sessions $990 $660
PRO+ 3 Sessions $1,485 $990
Premium 4 Sessions $1,980 $1,320
Premium+ 5 Sessions $2,475 $1,650


  • Minimum of 2 hours per Session
  • In Person Cost includes:
    • 1 hour of travel time, each additional hour billed at $165 per hour.
    • If travel is outside of the six (6) New England States, please call for pricing.

In Person Training

Discover personalized training at our Worcester, Massachusetts center or enjoy the convenience of on-site sessions in your preferred location within the six New England States. Whether at our facility or yours, we ensure personalized, high-quality learning experiences, fostering skill development in an environment that suits you best.

Remote Training From The Comfort of Your Home

Our Remote Training Services provide training nationally
for all of your technical needs. Our comprehensive training programs are delivered through remote sessions, available in hourly increments customized for your individual needs. Each training session is delivered by an experienced Assistive Technology professional to ensure the highest quality of instruction.

It's Up To You

Remote Training

We now offer Remote Training with one of our Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts. This Remote Training is offered on all our low vision and blindness products, as well as other technology - applications, Apple and Windows-based products, Smartphones, Tablets, and more.


We Come To You

We are scheduling in-home training on low vision and blindness technology and smart home set up for those who feel comfortable having outside visitors.

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