Retirement Community

Retirement Community

Life-Changing Resources For Residents With Vision Loss

Retirement Community

Our life-changing resources are designed to help resident's live more independently and enjoy:

  • Read and sort mail
  • View calendar of activities
  • See prescription bottles
  • Know expiration dates
  • Find phone numbers
  • Manage finances
  • Smile at family photos
  • Enjoy crossword puzzles
  • Help with make-up and hair
  • The list goes on and on...

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Retirement Community

Together we improve outcomes for a resident's revitalized self-esteem and renewed quality of life and help seniors to thrive.

We have latest and most advanced low vision and blindness technology with the finest personal service for you.

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Our Care Commitment

It should be IMPOSSIBLE for anyone with Low Vision NOT to know about & experience this technology.

We are here to help. We are well known, tested, proven and trusted. No matter what your Resident's low vision or blindness needs, we have the right solution with compassionate care.


We represent nearly 100% of all major low vision and blindness suppliers, offering the latest up-to-date and most consumer choice under one roof.


We go to your facility so they can be trained in the actual environment where they are using the technology.


Our Advanced Low Vision Eye Rehabilitation Clinic provides a unique, personalized 2-hour experience in specialty low vision rehabilitation services to supplement traditional eye care.

Affordable Options

Through our Peace of Mind Program, we offer 3 convenient monthly pricing packages. Training & support is included, no more worries.

Convenient Locations

We have two Low Vision Adaptive Technology Showrooms (Massachusetts and Connecticut) where your Patients can experience a hands-on evaluation and training with the latest visual impairment technology.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our return policy is designed to provide you with sufficient time to ensure your Patient made the right decision and that they are completely satisfied.

Expert Help From Start To Finish

Our Specialized Vision Experts work one-on-one to help our visually impaired clients to gain a sense of independence and learn to compensate for their vision loss.  Our 6-step process ensures your Resident's success:

  1. Assessment and Evaluation
  2. Customized, Unbiased Recommendations
  3. Help with Set-up and Configuration
  4. Training Services
  5. Troubleshooting Services
  6. Detailed Reporting, Documentation and Recommendations