New England Low Vision and Blindness Webinar and Training Series

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    New England Low Vision and Blindness, in conjunction with our business partners, is pleased to offer the following Low Vision webinars and training

    Professional Development

    When: We will work to accommodate your schedule

    What You Will Learn: New England Low Vision and Blindness is pleased to invite you to consider the value of Investing a Portion of Your Budget in Professional Development for your staff. In this Workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

    • Provide staff new technology proficiency to increase their value with their clients.
    • Customize technology experience relevant to your staff.
    • Experience hands-on with all the leading technology, including low vision glasses.
    • Understand educator and vocational systems.
    • Understand how to navigate and organize all the low vision and blindness technology.
    • Learn about built-in accessibility features and key tips of existing mainstream technology.
    • Learn cutting-edge tips on when to implement assistive technology or built-in accessibility options.
    • Learn how the leading technology and training help maximize functional vision.
    • Learn about the leading software and when to consider.
    • And much more!

    How to Register:

    Envision: The Holiday Edition: Gift ideas, product updates and community guests

    When: Thursday, November 30, 2023, 12:00 PM (EST)

    What You Will Learn: The holidays are coming and Envision has some gifts in store! Join our November webinar to unwrap them with us, and to hear first-hand from Envision Glasses customers how they use Ask Envision for detailed image and text descriptions at home, work and on the go.

    How to Register:

    Seeing with a Grateful Heart

    When: Monday, December 18th – 1:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

    What You Will Learn: In this webinar, we bring back some of your favorite sight celebrities to chat about how they see with a grateful heart.

    How to Register:

    Ten Tips for Transitioning from Basic HTML View to Standard View in Gmail with JAWS

    When: Download available by December 31, 2023

    What You Will Learn: Changes are coming in 2024 to Google Gmail. Learn about them now by streaming or downloading this pre-recorded training, “Ten Tips for Transitioning from Basic HTML View to Standard View in Gmail with JAWS.”

    How to Register:

    Humanware is offering the following:

    Past Webinars and Training

    For those of you who may have missed past training, you can find the following links:

    Please remember to bookmark this page and remember to check back often.

    About New England Low Vision and Blindness

    New England Low Vision and Blindness uniquely brings hope through technology, training, and care.  We are a full-service assistive technology rehabilitation training provider. We offer nearly 100% of all major electronic low vision, blindness, and software products and an assistive technology showroom center.

    We provide ‘patient choice’ showcasing numerous technology options from the world’s most respected suppliers, all in line with one’s individualized budgetary limits and personal, educational, or professional goals. We also provide custom training solutions and troubleshooting support.

    Widely known, tested, and trusted throughout New England, our team brings 75+ years of low vision experience. Our talent, technology, and training offerings are unmatched and highly respected. We are an extremely unique and extraordinary resource for anyone suffering from vision loss in New England. We are here to help.

    Through our free demonstrations – either at our conveniently located assistive technology showroom or in their home, office, or school – clients experience a relaxed 2-hour free personal demonstration of almost 100% of all low vision and blindness technologies available on the market.

    To learn more about how we Bring Hope to people who are blind or with low vision, contact a Technology Specialist at New England Low Vision and Blindness please call our toll-free number at 888-211-6933 or email us at

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