Low Vision and Blindness Experts

Training for Educators and Students

Our specialized Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts
provide support, resources, training, and problem solving to
help teachers, students, and TVIs.

Education Training Services

Low Vision and Blindness Education Training Services

Comprehensive Assistive Technology Assessment (C.A.T.A.)

A Comprehensive Assistive Technology Assessment (C.A.T.A.) is a key component to the IEP (Individual Education Program) for any student who has low vision or blindness.

Our extensive Comprehensive Assistive Technology Assessment (C.A.T.A.) is designed to supplement the overall educational plan for special needs students.

Our primary goal is to identify what type or combination of assistive technology will be the most appropriate for the needs of the student. Schools hire our Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts, typically at the invitation of the TVI, to provide a Comprehensive Assistive Technology Assessment (C.A.T.A.).

Basic Assistive Technology Assessment (B.A.T.A.)

Basic Assistive Technology Assessment (B.A.T.A.) is less comprehensive and take about two (2) hours to perform. Prior to scheduling, we consult with the Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI), or primary member of the student support team to identify the basic history, eye condition, technology experience, and goals of the student.

After the phone consultation, we schedule a Basic Assistive Technology Assessment (B.A.T.A.) at the school, to include "everyone" (ie: Student, Mom & Dad, TVI, COMS, SPED, AT Support, Social Worker, Principal, etc.)

At the assistive technology evaluation, we come with several leading technologies from the industry's leading manufacturers, for the student to test, trial, and explore.

At School

Once assistive technology is procured, often students need training at school. Frequently the TVI is able to provide training on assistive technology. We are hired as added “firepower” to supplement the increasing demand for training on assistive technology.

We are able to provide training on any of the low vision and blindness technology we offer, plus mainstream accessibility features on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Smart Home.

Our specialized Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts DO NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF TVI, instead, we partner with the TVI, elementary, middle, high schools, and higher learning institutions to bring low vision and blindness rehabilitation technology and training services.

A Message From Our President and Co-Founder

In this video, Scott Krug, President and Co-Founder of New England Low Vision and Blindness explains the three areas we are helping Educators and Students.

Specialized Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts:

A Team Approach

As an integrated low vision and blindness training team, our consultants and trainers bring
more than 100 years of low vision and blindness training experience to their assignments.

Education Training Services

Meet Some of Our Experts:

Michelle Perkins

Senior Assistive Technology Specialist

Stephanie Abruzzo

Assistive Technology Specialist

William Hawley

Assistive Technology Specialist

Our team of known, tested, & trusted low vision technology rehabilitation experts can help you get started living boldly again!

Whether you are visually impaired or you have a child with vision loss in kindergarten, elementary school, high school or college, our vision experts have the right solution for you.

Training Packages and Pricing

Package Name Description In Person Cost Remote Cost
Starter 1 Session $495 $330
PRO 2 Sessions $990 $660
PRO+ 3 Sessions $1,485 $990
Premium 4 Sessions $1,980 $1,320
Premium+ 5 Sessions $2,475 $1,650


  • Minimum of 2 hours per Session
  • In Person Cost includes:
    • 1 hour of travel time, each additional hour billed at $165 per hour.
    • If travel is outside of the six (6) New England States, please call for pricing.

In Person Training

Discover personalized training at our Worcester, Massachusetts center or enjoy the convenience of on-site sessions in your preferred location within the six New England States. Whether at our facility or yours, we ensure personalized, high-quality learning experiences, fostering skill development in an environment that suits you best.

Remote Training From The Comfort of Your Home

Our Remote Training Services provide training nationally
for all of your technical needs. Our comprehensive training programs are delivered through remote sessions, available in hourly increments customized for your individual needs. Each training session is delivered by an experienced Assistive Technology professional to ensure the highest quality of instruction.

It's Up To You

Remote Training

We now offer Remote Training with one of our Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts. This Remote Training is offered on all our low vision and blindness products, as well as other technology - applications, Apple and Windows-based products, Smartphones, Tablets, and more.


We Come To You

We are scheduling in-home training on low vision and blindness technology and smart home set up for those who feel comfortable having outside visitors.

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Meredith M.

Teacher of the Visually Impaired

“My high school student and I had the pleasure of working with Gloria Stuart, AT specialist from NE Low Vision. My student recently received a Braille Note Touch. Gloria provided us with an initial training to get us started with the device. She shared resources and gave us several tips on how to familiarize ourselves with many of the main device features. Additionally, Gloria was able to answer my student's questions regarding other pieces of AT that would be suitable for his transition needs. Her knowledge and personal experience were very valuable to us. We look forward to our next opportunity to work with her and the rest of the team at NE Low Vision.”


Teacher for the Visually Impaired

“It's truly wonderful working with NELVB as prior to my connection with you there was really nothing!  I think I pulled Scott in when Payton (student) was in second grade, 11 years ago. That was the first time doing so. He came out and provided a demo to Payton's Mom, Grandma and staff at school. We ordered Payton's first Acrobat then and now she will be a senior in the fall, and she is still an Acrobat user! Scott then came out in the summer to run a demo for students and parents as part of the summer program I ran then. It was great and the story just goes on from there! It is all about the kids and that is always my focus.”

Low Vision and Blindness Education Training Services for Students, Teachers, and Schools

Whether it is a K-12 or college student, our Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts work to fully understand the personal needs of the student and work in collaboration with the student’s team to identify the best possible solution.

We work with individual students to evaluate and determine the most appropriate technologies, to establish realistic training goals and provide personalized and caring training.

Our Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts evaluate and provide careful assessment of students, then generate a report making specific recommendations on selection of assistive technology and/or training.

Our Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts deliver comprehensive training services for visually impaired students and the educational professionals who serve them. We provide training services to help visually impaired students to use mainstream products (such as PowerPoint, Word, etc.) to keep them on an even playing field with their peers.

Our low vision and blindness education training services for students cover a variety of topics, including:

• The Latest in Low Vision and Blindness Technology
• How to Set-up and Configure Equipment
• How Best to Use Equipment
• How to Create/Print Documents
• Key Commands for Screen Readers
iPads, Apps, iPhones, Tablets and Other Devices For Vision Loss
• Much, more…

Given the wide variety of low vision and blindness aids and software products on the market, our recommendations cover all the products we sell as well as other products in the marketplace.

MagniTalk, Jsay, JAWS, Kurzweil, Dragon, CDesk, iPad Accessibility Apps are a few of the many tools used in configuring the best solutions for our clients.

Our Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts receive no commission on any product they recommend, so they can freely recommend the best possible solution for you no matter who the manufacturer is.

We are here when you need us. Call us with any vision loss challenge, for any student, in any learning environment. As a consultant, we work as part of your team to find the best solution.

Our specialized Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts help teachers understand how to communicate with blind and visually impaired students.

We help Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVIs) and educational professionals that need a little coaching to understand the latest in emerging blind and low vision technology.

Do you have a vision loss or technology problem and are not sure how to solve it?

We work with you to troubleshoot any challenge to make sure your low vision and blindness equipment is functioning optimally and that it is the best solution for the challenge you want to solve.