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Has your student received a comprehensive assistive technology assessment?

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Our Services

Comprehensive Low Vision & Blindness Evaluations for Students and Schools

Our Specialized Vision Experts evaluate and provide careful assessment of students, then generate a report making specific recommendations on selection of assistive technology and/or training.


Whether it is a K-12 or college student, our specialized vision experts work to fully understand the needs of the individual and work in collaboration with student’s team in order to identify the best possible solution.


We travel to the school, office, or home to conduct the assessment, and provide a customized solution based on needs and options available.

Comprehensive Low Vision & Blindness Training Services for Students and Schools

Our Specialized Vision Experts provide comprehensive training services for visually impaired students and the educational professionals who serve them. Our training services enable students and teachers to use technology to get the student immediate access to tests, notes, presentations, etc. and to have equal access to educational information as their peers.


Our training services may be one time only trainings on specific devices, or may be weekly, monthly quarterly depending on the student, school and teacher needs.

Training Services for Low Vision and Blind Students

We provide training services to help visually impaired students to use mainstream products (such as PowerPoint, Word, etc.) to keep them on an even playing field with their peers.

Our low vision and blindness training services for students cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Low vision and blindness technology
  • How to best use equipment
  • How to configure equipment
  • How to create/print documents
  • Key commands for screen readers such as NoteTaker

Training Services for Teachers, TVIs & Educational Professionals

Our Specialized Vision Experts help teachers understand how to communicate with blind and visually impaired students.  We help Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVIs) and educational professionals that need a little coaching to understand the latest in emerging blind and low vision technology.

Individualized Education Plans (IEP)

A comprehensive Assistive Technology Evaluation is a key component to the IEP for any student who has low vision or blindness. We drive to your location and perform this critical service in partnership with the student’s existing IEP team.


We work with the TVI (Teacher of the Visually Impaired) and Low Vision Optometrist to make sure that each evaluation is customized and specific to the special education and related services the student needs.When requested or necessary, we also sit in on IEP (Individual Education Plan) meetings to advocate for visually impaired students.