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Over 75 Years of Combined Experience Helping People with Vision Loss

Who We Are


No matter what your low vision and blindness needs, we have the right solution for you.

New England Low Vision and Blindness is a full-service assistive technology rehabilitation training provider, offering nearly 100% of all major low vision and blindness products, and with two (2) assistive technology showroom centers. Our service is uniquely customized, where each assistive technology appointment is 2 HOURS in length and our personalized consultative technology approach optimizes which assistive technology tools and training solutions will best meet the need of each individual.

We help our clients expand their independence to live boldly through the use of the highest quality assistive technology and by working with our expert training team.  At each of our assistive technology showrooms, we provide consumer-choice showcasing numerous technology options from the world's most respected suppliers, all in line with one's individualized budgetary limits and personal, educational or professional goals.

Widely known, tested and trusted throughout New England, our team brings to each client 75+ years of low vision experience. Our talent, technology, and training offerings are unmatched and highly respected. We are an extremely unique and extraordinary resource for anyone suffering from vision loss in New England. We are here to help.

Technology Specialists

Live Boldly Again

When you work with New England Low Vision and Blindness you get access to the latest and most advanced low vision and blindness technology available, offering the most consumer choice under one roof.  Our Technology Specialists work with our clients to understand their needs and offer the best solution for their lifestyle, enabling blind and visually impaired people to live independently.

Training Providers

Regain Independence

We are distinguished by superior professionals with more than 100 years of assistive technology consulting service, our quick and easy process and our all-inclusive suite of low vision and blindness products. We have a reputation for being people-centered, caring and knowledgeable.


Expand Your Possibilities

No matter what your low vision and blindness needs, we have the right solution for you. We have the largest selection of best-in-class low vision and blindness products, software and technology in New England. Our convenient showrooms provide a relaxed, comfortable environment to see and test all the available solutions.

We are Known for Our Expertise And For Taking Great Care of Our Clients.

No other company has such experience and expertise working for them. Visit our team page to find out why our people make the difference.

How We Work

Easy Quotes, Fast Responses & Quick Turnaround

Vision loss can be expensive. State and federal agencies have limited funds. We offer savings through our exclusive contracts and bulk ordering and are constantly looking for low-cost, useful alternatives to help you save money. We maintain highly-responsive communication and reports throughout the process (from initial quote request through follow-up after product delivery) so you never have to guess where your order is or its status. We also generate useful reports to help vision counsellors and government workers track their orders and that can that can help with required governmental reporting.

We Take the Time to Make it Right

Your low vision rehabilitation eye appointment is 2 hours in length, and our personalized consultative approach optimizes which assistive technology tools and training solutions will best meet your individual needs. We identify unique practical solutions to help you better understand the use of your preferred retinal locus or “sweet spot” in order to become more productive. We provide patient choice when it comes to viewing technology options.

Individualized Solutions

We take time to personally meet with you one-on-one to discover your unique needs and goals and to find the perfect solution for you. We help you find the best solution to meet your budget, personal, educational and professional goals.

Quick & Easy Process to Deliver You the Solutions You Need

Our process is labor-saving, easy and saves you money. You have no waiting and wondering about your assistive devices, with us the time it takes to order and receive products and services is much shorter. We get you through the order process and deliver your blindness and low vision products faster.

Who We Work With

Expand Your Everyday Possibilities

We help people with vision loss (seniors with no technology experience and the younger generation who may be a bit more tech savvy) to more easily read mail, newspapers, recipes, manage finances, watch TV, enjoy crafts, reduce social isolation, complete schoolwork, maintain employment and recapture independence and joy.


We work with anyone with visual impairment!

  • Eye Doctors
  • Vision counsellors
  • Occupational therapists
  • Low vision therapists
  • Eye care professionals (ECPs)
  • Optometrists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Opticians
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit agencies
  • Schools and Universities,
  • Retirement Communities
  • Libraries
  • Veterans
  • Seniors
  • Students

Cost Effective for Agencies Who Serve the Visually Impaired

We help agencies improve efficiency, leverage their buying volume, reduce their overall costs and expand their operating budget so they can focus on more people not more paperwork. Our just-in-time inventory management process ensures that critical inventory is available only when it is needed, and delivers peace-of-mind to clients by allowing them not to waste time managing product, inventory, pricing and fulfillment. We provide skillful management and fast turnaround time for every part of the order process from quote, to order placement, to order confirmation, to accurate tracking, to timely report submission. We help you close out cases faster so you can serve more people with visual impairment.