Mr. Magnifier Handheld Magnifiers (LP)
Mr Magnifier LP Hero


Best First Step Low Vision Aid for Macular Degeneration

See why we are different:

  1. Professional grade
  2. High-Quality Optics
  3. Added illumination
Mr. Magnifier Handheld Magnifiers (LP)

Step 1: Mr. Magnifier Handheld Magnifers with Lights

A bright 1st magnifier for people with Macular Degeneration

Magnifier 2.5X

Best for reading the newspaper


Magnifier 3.5X (R)

Best for following a recipe


Magnifier 3.5X (L)

Best for reading a book


Magnifier 5X

Best for looking at family photos


Exceptional Features is the Difference!

  • Lighting is Everything... and often overlooked.
    • Only the brightest white LEDs are used so you will enjoy the enhanced contrast.
    • Our LEDs give a broad, even field of light that has no purplish or blue "bright spots".
    • Using a very bright light lowers magnification need, increases field of view, decreases eyestrain, and increases reading speed.
  • Professional grade optics.
  • Durable reinforced contrast-blue switches on all powers. White mounting and handle.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • LEDs give long battery life and are warrantied to never burn out.
  • Battery compartments have high contrast battery directional images.

Step 2: Mr. Magnifier 5 Handheld Magnifier

Built-in handle and stand – convenient aids for anyone with low vision

Mr. Magnifier Handheld Magnifiers (LP)

Mr. Magnifier 5

Best for reading labels


Exceptional Features is the Difference!

  • Has built-in handle (and) built-in stand
  • 5.0″ large anti-glare screen, high definition
  • Dual SONY image sensors for far and near clear, true color
  • Control buttons are big, high contrast, tactile and marked
  • With a foldable bracket design, the screen is at an angle of 40 degrees to the user, comfortable for reading, smooth handwriting
  • Large capacity rechargeable battery, up to 4 hours run time
  • Large icon user interface, clear and concise
  • Support reading line function if desired
  • A three-year warranty covers defective parts and labor, should the unit malfunction simply call us for support

Don't take our word for it - here's a recent testimonial from a very happy Mr. Magnifier Customer:

"I love my Mr. Magnifier. I think your magnifier is great. Mr. Magnifier feels good and looks good no matter where I leave it and Mr. Magnifier is a pleasure to use. I have other magnifiers in several needed locations in my home, but the light on Mr. Magnifier makes the difference for sure. Since there is such a difference with the light on Mr. Magnifier, my other magnifiers in my house are basically useless because I don't use them anymore, now that I have experienced Mr. Magnifier. I received my Mr. Magnifier as a gift and I would recommend Mr. Magnifier as a gift for a parent or anyone who needs quick magnification, as Mr. Magnifier will definitely be used constantly. Although I will plan to donate my old magnifiers, I will add a note to my donation to buy a Mr. Magnifier."  -Gayle, NY

Not sure which magnifier is right for you?
No Worries!

We have prepared this free Mr. Magnifier Magnification Guide to help you select the perfect magnifier for you.

Very easy to use - simply print out the PDF below. Hold approximately 16" away from your eyes and read the lines. Finally, refer to the "You Need” section on the Guide to determine the Mr. Magnifier power you need, or if you need to inquire about a Video Magnifier.