Smart Home
Setup and Training

Imagine managing smart home devices using only your voice.

With our Smart Home service, we help you learn,
purchase, setup, and train the right option for you!

How a Smart Home can Help You: A Walkthrough with Our Specialist.

Follow along as our specialist shows several examples of her favorite products, what they do and how can they help people who are blind and visually impaired live more independently.

Smart Home Setup and Training

Listen to Scott Krug's Radio Ad on Smart Home Technology.

Using only your voice, you can:

• Speak to friends or family
• See who is at your front door
• Get weather reports
• Listen to the latest news
• Turn on/off your lights

• Schedule calendar appointments
• Make phone calls
• Lock your doors
• Hear the current time

• Set wake up alarm
• Listen to your favorite music
• Shop online
• Listen to audiobooks

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