Desktop Magnifiers

Our Desktop Magnifiers help people with low vision and visually impaired to read text, look at images and enables them to gain independence and lead a fuller, more satisfying life.

A lot of the desktop magnifiers we provide are CCTVs and have a camera that twists, providing the user 3 camera positions:

Distance Viewing — To help more easily watch TV, See the Blackboard or Whiteboard, Powerpoint presentations, Faces of loved ones, Situational awareness, Watch the bird feeder, Zoom outside the window

Near Viewing — Expanded Working Distance under the camera, More easily view larger cereal boxes, Newspapers, Mail, Manage Finances, and use for Crafts and Hobbies.

Self-Viewing — Twist the camera at one-self to use like a mirror, to help more easily apply Make-Up, Trim facial hair, or a variety of personal hygiene maintenance.

3-in-1 video magnifiers (CCTVs) are lighter in weight and can be more easily transported from room to room in ones residence or workplace. They are easy to operate, and they provide expanded flexibility and options for a broader variety of user experience.

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