MagniLink Zip Premium Full HD 1080p, 13” Monitor w/Battery


Full HD 1080p, 13” Monitor w/Battery

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MagniLink Zip Premium Full HD 1080p, 13” Monitor w/Battery  The MagniLink Zip Premium Full HD 13 desktop video magnifier is at the forefront of modern technology and a winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.  It was developed to be easy to use, light in weight, and with small dimensions when folded down.  LVI products are built in a modular style which means there are many models to choose from in order to fit the requirements of each user. This model is equipped with a Full Hi-Definition monitor and reading/distance camera.

Uncompromising true-color image quality is ever-present and the MagniLink Zip Premium Full HD 13 desktop video magnifier is intuitive and user-friendly. The control panel was designed according to the highest technology standards and with client feedback in mind.  It’s easy to find, learn, and maneuver – for example, the function knobs rotate and are simple to handle, easily seen, and there is an advanced mode for advanced users.

The 13.3-inch monitor has brightly colored screen edges, an anti-glare surface, provides crystal-clear sharpness, high contrast images, and a dimmer mode for light-sensitive users. The screen can be adjusted by tilting it forward, backward, and for height and produces images in Full Hi-Definition (1080p).  This is the most portable model with a low-vision adapted screen and a Full Hi-Definition reading/distance camera that rotates both vertically and horizontally.

To ensure easy portability, the X/Y table has been excluded thereby making the video magnifier effortless to carry to different locations, as well as easy to fold and unfold.  Its weight is less than 9 pounds and a protective, soft-shelled, zippered carrying case is included.

For convenience, a battery with a running time of 5 to 9 hours is included. The amount of run time depends on the light intensity chosen for the screen and lamp.

The MagniLink Zip Premium Full HD 13 desktop video magnifier is an ideal choice for users who need to transport a magnifying system on a regular basis to school or work.  It’s also suitable for users that want a sleek system at home – one that can be folded down and put away easily when not in use.

True video magnifier

MagniLink Zip premium desktop video magnifier is a compact, portable video magnifier that´s easy to carry along. Yet it provides all the functions offered in a stationary video magnifier.


The design has been modernized and now follows the award-winning LVI design line*, introduced with MagniLink Vision. The control panel with tactile buttons and knobs is very easy to operate.

Computer connection

With USB/HDMI connection (optional) you can connect to a computer (PC/Mac/Chromebook).  Additional software must be downloaded for integration into the respective platforms.  Below are links for the software downloads:

  • To connect to a PC:  PCViewer
  • To connect to a Mac:  MacViewer
  • To connect to a Chromebook:  ChromeViewer
  • For Text To Speech (TTS) functionality, additional software must be purchased.
  • Outstanding image quality

In MagniLink Zip, we have combined all our experience and knowledge with the latest HD- and Full HD-camera. The result is the best image you’ve ever seen in a video magnifier, not to mention in a portable one.

Built-in distance camera

A distance camera, adjustable both vertically and horizontally, also offering a Mirror mode, is included. Light and easy MagniLink Zip is easy to fold up and down and it can easily be stored away or brought along on a trip. When combined with a battery (optional), it becomes a really neat traveling companion

Light and easy

MagniLink Zip is easy to fold up and down and it can easily be stored away or brought along on a trip. When combined with a battery (optional), it becomes a really neat traveling companion.

Top 10 features and benefits of the MagniLink Zip premium desktop video magnifier

  1. The best image quality ever. Full HD camera along with multiple optical and software related techniques that result in the most amazing picture ever in a video magnifier.
  2. Foldable and portable – yet a true video magnifier. Unlike many other foldable video magnifiers, this is a true CCTV that retains all their superior benefits.
  3. Fully integrated and designed to look and feel good. The design has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award.
  4. Easy to use. Intuitive control panel with both rotating knobs and buttons to make it admirably easy to maneuver – yet it offers an advanced mode for advanced users.
  5. Low-vision adapted monitor. The MagniLink Zip monitor provides brightly colored screen edges, anti-glare surface, crystal-clear sharpness, high contrast and a dimmer for light-sensitive users.
  6. Flexible adjustment of the screen for customization also for young children.
  7. Market-leading reading table. The MagniLink Zip X/Y table (optional) is thinner than ever, yet it offers the same stability and quality as all other MagniLink X/Y tables, including friction brakes.
  8. TTS Text To Speech & EUC End User Configuration. With USB/HDMI connection (optional), MagniLink Zip can be connected to a PC/ Mac. Then, TTS software for PC/Mac (optional) can be used to read text aloud. Also, EUC will then be available, allowing unique settings for each user.
  9. All in one. The Full HD model offers portability, X/Y table, battery, great image quality, carrying case and distance camera. No other video magnifier is complete!
  10. Really low initial magnification. Choose Full HD for the lowest possible magnification. Great for RP users.
  11. Clever distance viewing with mirror mode. Built-in, yet rotatable distance camera for maximum comfort and manual focus for full control. A Mirror mode, useful for makeup, etc., is also available as standard.
  12. Computer connection. With USB/HDMI connection (optional), the unit can be connected to a computer or external monitor, and with TTS software (optional) text can be read aloud

Tips and Tricks – Effectively using the MagniLink Zip Menu System

It is possible to switch between basic mode and a mode with full functionality when using the Zip menu. To switch modes, do the following:

  1. Press and hold button 4 (see image)MagniLink Zip Premium Full HD 1080p, 13” Monitor w/Battery
  2. Press and hold button 3
  3. While buttons 3 and 4 are held, press button 5 once
    Basic mode is perfect for users who want to change the basic options. The functions available are On/Off, Magnification Control, Picture Mode, High Contrast Mode, and Contrast Adjustment

Full functionality mode offers a wide range of additional options as follows: Autofocus, Mirroring, Focus, Reference Line, Lighting, Shut Off Time, Standby Time, Screen Brightness, Battery Status, and Language.

For a more detailed look at using the menu options – watch the 4-minute video on the Zip Menu System!

Software Downloads:

  • If you have a Chromebook, download the MagniLink ChromeViewer software here: ChromeViewer
  • To update your PC software, purchase the MagniLink PCViewer software here:  PCViewer

Other Downloads:

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Why would someone want to connect the MagniLink Zip to Chromebook/PC/Mac? What is the primary benefit?

Maybe you received the MagniLink Zip in 3rd grade and in 5th you are starting to use Chromebooks, no problem MagniLink Zip will perform just like the MLS when connected. Of course, it needs a connection board and software licenses.

2. What happens to the MagniLink Zip display if I was to connect to a Chromebook/PC/Mac?  Will I have 2 displays, one on the MagniLink Zip and the other on their Chromebook/PC/Mac?

I can hook my zip to my laptop and perform OCR, distance, take video, and then go back to the MagniLink Zip and use it as a stand-alone product. When connected the monitor on the zip goes dark and that is the same if you hook it to a large monitor/TV.

The connection board, the battery, and integrated XY are all accessories that must be added at the time of purchase. The only thing you can add to a zip is the removable XY table.

Another nice thing is if you have a connection board 2 years later you can purchase the software licenses needed to do magnification and OCR.

Roller Bag for MagniLink Video MagnifiersMagniLink Zip Premium Full HD 1080p, 13” Monitor w/Battery

Here’s a great accessory for this MagniLink product – a roller bag that is specifically designed with two wheels in the back to make it easier to transport.  <Click here to learn more>

A great addition to MagniLink products:

The roller bag that is specifically designed with two wheels in the back to make it easier to transport.  Other features include:

  • Two stabilizer feet in the front to avoid tipping.
  • LVI orange lining and zipper pulls for easy placement and location.
  • Dimensions: 22.4 x 8.3 x 20.5”
  • Height to handle when standing: 41.3
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Magnification: 1.3x - 35x (13'' screen) Illumination: LED Power Source: AC or battery (operation: up to 5 hours, battery charge time: 2.5 hours) Weight: 8.4 lbs. Dimensions: 13'' x 1'' x 20.1'' (unfolded), 13'' x 1'' x 3.5'' (folded) Screen/Display Size: 13.3'' screen Viewing Modes: Full colors, plus 6 false colors Warranty: 2 years Accessories: Zippered case with shoulder strap (included) Miscellaneous: Adjustable screen tilts forward or backward; can also be modified for height