Onyx OCR Desktop Magnifier With Text-to-Speech


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Welcome to the new age of video magnifiers!

For those looking to combine magnification and speech, the Onyx OCR Desktop Magnifier is the system for you.  The state-of-the-art design integrates two cameras and a 24-in touchscreen and allows you to view full letter pages on screen and magnify up to 131 times.

The Onyx OCR Desktop Magnifier offers magnification and reads any document aloud.  The magnification, high contrast, and clear voice improves reading clarity and accuracy and makes it much easier.  Change your focus from magnified text to letting the Onyx OCR read to you when you become too tired.  Just place your document under the fixed OCR camera and activate the speech function.

Listen to any documents as it is read out loud by a quality voice and without straining your eyes.  The four-in-one system integrates two separate cameras: one for converting text to speech and one of magnification of documents.  This will allow you to clearly see what you want whether it is across the room or on the table in front of you.

The Onyx OCR Desktop Magnifier combines the benefits of several video magnification options into one design.  With the four-in-one solution, you can easily magnify text on your desk, write, work on a hobby, view pictures from a distance, and even listen to documents as they are read aloud to you.  Easily switch between reading the magnified text and listening to documents.  Simply place your document under the OCR camera of the magnifier, tap the touchscreen and enjoy listening while the text is read to you.

In this video, Scott Krug, President and Co-Founder of New England Low Vision and Blindness, describes the many features of the Onyx OCR Desktop Magnifier With Text-to-Speech:

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Four-in-one video magnifier with two separate cameras for distance, document, self view and OCR functionality:
Flexible camera to observe objects across the rooms or auditoriums in sharp focus (distance view), to magnify documents such as reading materials, daily business tasks, classroom assignments, product labels and craft projects (document view), and to get magnified true mirror image (self view)
Conveniently fixed position OCR camera to listen to documents effortlessly – Always place the document in the same place
Touch screen monitor: Tap the screen to begin reading at any point and from any place in the document
Displays full pages and automatically identifies the document layout
Advanced Features
Autofocus HD camera
OCR camera – 13 Megapixels
Magnification Range: 24-inch monitor: 1.7x to 131x
24-inch full color TFT widescreen display
Point & Read functionality: intuitive touch interface
Overview: full letter page viewing
Assistive reading with automatic text zone recognition
Fast text recognition (OCR)
Over 60 reading voices in 31 languages
Saving and opening documents on a SD card or USB stick
Large icon and large font menu
Volume control
Speed control
Digital photo viewer
Built-in stereo speakers
SD card slot
USB port
Headphone connector
Weight: 24-inch – 25.8 lbs / 11.7 kg
Working height under camera: 16.4 inches / 41.6 cm

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