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Patriot ViewPoint Low Vision Glasses  Have you been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration or Stargardts?

If so, then the Patriot ViewPoint, the latest wearable low-vision glasses showcasing a spectacular 101 degree viewable field, is the product you have always been waiting for. You must try this product!

The wide-screen 101 degree viewable field is the largest on the market, and it makes all the difference having a super-sharp wide display bringing close to you nearly everything that is displayed at a distance.

You can also read up close, plus see people’s faces, watch TV, read the newspaper, the possibilities are endless.

Patriot ViewPoint uses virtual reality to wrap an extraordinary crystal clear image around your eyes. You can choose to read in full color, or you can read on a high contrast black on white or negative text mode. Even more, you simply press a button and the Patriot ViewPoint can quickly turn your text into speech, and have documents read aloud with OCR technology that works with incredible accuracy!

Very comfortable to wear and very easy to use, the Patriot ViewPoint uses genuine Samsung Virtual Reality hardware, designed for wearing hours at a time!

Simplicity is key. So, one central control area on the glasses allows users to adjust magnification, backgrounds, brightness and turn text into speech. No technology experience is needed.

Recent customer testimonials:

  • “Oh my God, you are going to make me cry. This is the first time I am able to see a persons face so clearly, like ever…well, since I was twelve…everything is so crisp clear.” – Vicki W.
  • “Finally something I can recommend to my patients that uses their periphery vision making central vision loss a non-issue.” – Dr. Reinauer
  • “Holy Macarel – my home looks like this?! Honey – you’ve done an amazing job decorating!” Rye M.
  • “I’ve seen more in just these five minutes than Ive been able to see in the last 17 years” – Connor B.
  • “I can read the print on your shirt! and your completely across the room?!” – Charles G.
  • “Oh My God, give me a chance to catch my breath” – Regina
  • “This beats everything I’ve seen to date including my E-Sight” – Jim N.
  • “Oh My God – John I am telling you this allows me to see my music all of it edge to edge and clear and bright. I can play again I can read music again I can join the church choir Izvestia so dearly missed all this time since Macular degeneration took that away from me” – Janet K.
  • “Mom may be 93 years old, but she has so much to enjoy watching the squirrels and critters on our “farm home” and this is so much worth it at this time of her life it’s yes yes yes!” – Lynn T.

With Patriot ViewPoint it is much easier to do many things.

Perfect for Daily Activities and Hobbies

  • See people’s faces, even your pets face, and witness life’s moments.
  • Go to the Stadium and watch the big game.
  • More easily use the iPad or Computer to browse, surf and enjoy.
  • Renew ignored hobbies, like crochet or painting.
  • Appreciate and enjoy the outdoors, and see the world again.
  • Watch TV and catch up on the latest shows.
  • View menus again and consider all the options.
  • Read and sort your mail.
  • Enjoy board games, cards and crossword puzzles.
  • View photos, manage your finances, and more easily prepare meals.
  • Read anywhere in your house, including your favorite chair.

Perfect for School

  • Read Books.
  • Complete Assignments.
  • View the Board.
  • See Classmates and notice more social cues.

Perfect for Other Activities

  • Meeting with your financial advisor or attorney
  • Manufacturing identification inspection
  • Electronic circuitry magnification

Important note regarding warranty: Price includes a 1-year warranty;  Add $500 for 2nd year warranty

Important change for voice commands in Patriot ViewPoint Software

Starting with all units shipped January 1, 2020, Voice commands will now have the call out word “Patriot”.  When called out, and for the next 20 seconds, it will temporarily enable the four (4) following voice commands:

  • Change colors
  • Make bigger
  • Make smaller
  • Take Picture

The reason for this change, is when previously enabled in the Patriot ViewPoint without any call out word, we found many false triggers of a voice command especially when there is some background noise such as a television.

Voice commands are very sensitive, even saying something as simple as “picture” would have it take a picture on its own.

The objective is to eliminate any false triggers entirely by adding this extra step to the voice commands feature.

How will it be implemented into the software?  Voice commands will be enabled by default with all units shipped. There will still be an option in the menu to disable voice commands in ase there is any continuing trouble with this feature.

<Click here> to learn more about this important change.

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Size: 7.95"W x 4.58"D x 3.65" H 101 degree field of view 2960x1440 pixel Super AMOLED Pixel per inch (PPI) 570 Weight 1.2 lbs 12-megapixel camera 3000 mAh battery, Lithium Ion Android 7.0
Battery operating time: 2-6 Hours (depends on settings) Inter-pupillary Distance Coverage 54-70mm Focus adjustment wheel Adjustable Cross Straps Color Modes: 20+ high contrast CCTV modes OCR Mode: Yes Distance viewing: Yes Warranty: 1 year; To add a 2nd year, add $500