Low Vision Quick Reference Guide – ZoomText Magnifier/Reader Cheat Sheet

ZoomText Fusion
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    Interface Hotkeys

    Show User Interface Caps Lock + Ctrl + U
    ZoomText On/Off Caps Lock + Ctrl + Enter


    Magnifier Hotkeys

    Zoom In Caps Lock + Up Arrow
    Zoom Out Caps Lock + Down Arrow
    Toggle Zoom to 1x Caps Lock + Enter
    Invert Colors Caps Lock + C
    Navigate screen when magnified Caps Lock + Shift + Arrow Keys


    Reader Hotkeys

    Launch AppReader- App View Caps Lock + Alt + A
    Launch AppReader- Text View Caps Lock + Alt + T
    Exit AppReader Escape
    Quiet Control
    Voice Faster Caps Lock + Alt + Up Arrow
    Voice Slower Caps Lock + Alt + Down Arrow
    Voice On/Off Caps Lock + Alt + Enter


    Please note: ZoomText utilizes the Caps Lock key to perform hotkey commands. Therefore, when ZoomText is running you must double-tap the Caps Lock key to switch between typing lower-case and upper-case letters.


    About the Author

    Low Vision Quick Reference Guide - ZoomText Magnifier/Reader Cheat Sheet Resources Technology

    This information was published by Stephanie Abruzzo, New England Low Vision and Blindness Senior Assistive Technology Specialist.  You can download a PDF file of this information by <clicking here.>

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