Low Vision Quick Reference Guide – Siri Setup

Low Vision Quick Reference Guide – Siri Set Up
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    Siri Setup for Visually Impaired Users

    Introducing our Low Vision Quick Reference Guide – Siri Setup – the ultimate solution for anyone with visual impairments who wants to navigate their iPhone with ease. With our step-by-step guide, you can easily set up Siri to get the most out of your device, without the need for complicated gestures or fine motor skills. Whether you’re checking the weather, making a call, or sending a message, our guide will empower you to use Siri to its fullest potential. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a more accessible, enjoyable iPhone experience.

    Siri & Search Settings

    • Open Settings. Scroll down and select Siri & Search settings.
    • Toggle on Listen for “Hey Siri” and complete the setup with the users voice. This will ask the user to speak 5 commands starting with “Hey Siri”. If assisting a person with visual impairment to set up this feature, you can tap on their hand (ask first!) when they should speak “Hey Siri”. They do not need to speak the full sentences as requested.
    • Toggle on Press side button for Siri
    • Toggle on Allow Siri when locked
    • Tap Language to set preferred language
    • Tap Siri Voice. Allow user to choose preferred voice
    • Tap Siri Responses. Set spoken responses to always
    • Tap Announce calls. Set to always
    • Tap Announce notifications. Toggle on announce notifications

    Siri Accessibility Settings

    • Open Settings, Scroll down and select Accessibility. Then select Siri.
    • Spoken responses, set to always
    • Toggle on Always Listen for “Hey Siri”

    Seeing AI

    • Download Seeing AI application from the App Store
    • Open Seeing AI
    • Adjust Seeing AI settings
    • Tap menu icon on top left of the screen
    • Tap settings
    • Configure Siri shortcuts
    • Manage lighting, make sure this is toggled on
    • Exit Seeing AI
    • Open Shortcuts application
    • If this is not downloaded, then download it from the App Store
    • When you open Shortcuts, you should see boxes with the Seeing AI icon and the Siri shortcut on them (ex. “Recognize Product”).
    • Tap on each of these boxes to enable them. Each will take you to the feature in Seeing AI. You will need to re-open shortcuts to enable each feature.
    • Restart the iPhone

    You should now be able to speak each command to Siri and have the Seeing AI feature work. For example, say “Hey Siri, Recognize Product”.

    About the Author

    Low Vision Quick Reference Guide - Siri Setup Resources Technology

    This information was published by Stephanie Abruzzo, New England Low Vision and Blindness Senior Assistive Technology Specialist.  You can download a PDF file of this information by <clicking here.>

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