Low Vision Quick Reference Guide – Siri Commands

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    Enjoy our Low Vision Quick Reference Guide of Siri Commands

    Our Siri Quick Reference Guide is a compact and concise document that lists the most commonly used voice commands for Apple’s Siri virtual assistant. The guide provides users with a simple and convenient way to learn and remember the various ways to interact with Siri, including commands for making phone calls, sending texts, setting reminders, and more. The quick reference guide is designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand, making it an ideal resource for anyone looking to get the most out of Siri on their Apple device.

    Gain Information

    • What is the weather today?
    • What time is it?
    • Tell me the news
    • Where is the closest Chinese restaurant?
    • What year was sliced bread invented?
    • Play a song by Frank Sinatra
    • What is 200 divided by 10?
    • Tell me the Red Sox score
    • How many tablespoons are in a half cup?
    • Speak the screen


    • Call people who are listed as your contacts or specific businesses
    • Call Harry
    • Call Antonio’s Pizza in Worcester
    • Answer Phone calls
    • Answer the phone
    • Decline phone call
    • Voicemail
    • Do I have any new voicemails?


    • Send an email to Leah
    • Do I have any new emails?


    • Create a new calendar event
    • Do I have any events today?
    • Do I have any events next week?

    Text Messages

    • Send a text message to Erika
    • Note: Follow along with Siri’s instructions to send a text. You will have the best results with shorter messages. When Siri asks if you are ready to send your message you can say “add more text” and add additional sentences to your messages. You can also speak punctuation marks when speaking your message for improved grammar. For example, you can say, “How are you question mark”.
    • Do I have any recent texts from Derek?
    • Do I have any old text messages?
    • Send an audio message


    • Set a timer for 10 minutes
    • Set an alarm called “Pick up groceries” for 2 pm tomorrow
    • What alarms do I have?
    • Send an appointment with Doctor Brown
    • What appointments do I have on Monday?
    • Take me to the Worcester Town Hall

    iPhone Navigation and Tools

    • Increase volume
    • Open Weather application
    • Decrease brightness
    • Take a picture
    • Turn on VoiceOver

    Just for Fun

    • Tell me a joke
    • Tell me a story
    • What is the meaning of life
    • Flip a coin
    • Roll a die

    Seeing AI

    • Recognize short text
    • Recognize document
    • Recognize currency
    • Recognize product
    • Recognize color
    • Recognize scene
    • Recognize light
    • Recognize handwriting

    About the Author

    Low Vision Quick Reference Guide - Siri Commands Resources Training

    This information was published by Stephanie Abruzzo, New England Low Vision and Blindness Senior Assistive Technology Specialist.  You can download a PDF file of this information by <clicking here.>

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