Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Veterans

Top 10 Products for Veterans
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    Welcome to the Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Veterans!

    Our full suite of low vision and blindness products and training services are designed to help visually impaired Veterans gain independence and lead a fuller, more satisfying life.

    Our low vision aids are easy to use, portable, and can be customized to meet individual needs. With features like adjustable text size, high contrast displays, and adjustable brightness, students will be able to read and learn comfortably, no matter their level of vision impairment.

    Our Low Vision Specialists work one-on-one, reconnecting visually impaired Veterans to the world with low vision aids, blindness aids and adaptive software. We endeavor to fully understand veterans’ individual needs and work in collaboration with each veteran to identify the best possible solution. We work with veterans to evaluate and determine the most appropriate technologies, to establish realistic training goals, and provide personalized and caring training.

    1. Merlin Ultra 24” Full HD Desktop CCTV

    Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Veterans Veterans Macular Degeneration Top Choices

    Introducing the Merlin HD Ultra 24” Low Vision Desktop Magnifier, now equipped with a new Ultra HD camera that delivers a super-sharp image, an expanded field of view, and a remarkable magnification of up to 104x. Tailored for veterans with low vision, this cutting-edge device is not just a magnifier; it’s a tool for the heart. Recognizing the emotional impact of revisiting memories, especially through photos, the Merlin Ultra 24” fosters feelings of wonder, hope, and joy.

    This low vision aid is particularly beneficial for veterans experiencing frustration, inactivity, isolation, or depression. Its user-friendly design makes it accessible to those who may feel technologically challenged, enabling them to effortlessly engage with photos, read newspapers, manage finances, and write checks. The Merlin Ultra system boasts a wide 8.85” viewable field, reducing the need for constant movement and enhancing reading speed, productivity, and overall satisfaction.

    The new affordable Merlin HD Ultra 24” offers full high-definition color and contrast, ensuring sharp crystal clear images and vibrant color accuracy. With features like the Color Select option for increased contrast and Horizontal Line Markers for reference while reading, this device goes beyond magnification, providing a holistic solution for veterans with low vision. Rediscover the joy of seeing more with the Merlin Ultra 24” Full HD Desktop Magnifier, designed to make a meaningful impact on the lives of veterans.

    2. Vision Buddy TV Low Vision Glasses Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Veterans Veterans Macular Degeneration Top Choices

    Introducing the Vision Buddy TV Low Vision Glasses, a groundbreaking solution designed to empower veterans with low vision by enhancing their TV-watching, magnification, and reading experiences. This innovative device now features companion product compatibility and upgraded OCR and software for even greater functionality.

    Tailored for veterans, the Vision Buddy TV includes a TV Hub for streaming cable, satellite, or streaming device directly to the headset in HD, along with Computer Link for real-time computer screen viewing with zoom-in and zoom-out capabilities. Weighing just 0.6 pounds, this low vision aid boasts a wide 101-degree field of view, providing veterans with an immersive and comfortable visual experience.

    The Vision Buddy TV Low Vision Glasses magnifies a direct-feed of the TV, allowing veterans to lay in bed and enjoy their favorite shows, broadcasting directly to the headset and magnifying the TV image up to 10 times the original size. Specially designed for various low vision conditions like Age-related Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Retinitis Pigmentosa, this device allows veterans to zoom in or out, providing a movie theater experience right in their living room.

    Beyond TV watching, the Vision Buddy offers additional features to enhance independence for visually impaired veterans. With 4K Full HD capabilities, a 16-megapixel camera for Capture Mode, and advanced OCR for automatic reading of books, newspapers, and more, veterans can regain clarity in reading and magnification modes. The device’s lightweight design and ease of use make it a valuable companion, empowering veterans to independently perform day-to-day tasks, from changing the thermostat to reading medicine labels. The Vision Buddy TV Low Vision Glasses redefine possibilities, ensuring veterans experience enhanced image quality and accessibility in various aspects of their daily lives.

    3. Patriot ViewPoint Glasses

    Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Veterans Veterans Macular Degeneration Top Choices Experience a breakthrough in low vision aids for veterans with the Patriot ViewPoint Low Vision Glasses. Specially designed for those diagnosed with Macular Degeneration or Stargardts, these wearable glasses utilize cutting-edge Samsung virtual reality technology to provide a remarkable 101-degree viewable field. With hands-free functionality, veterans can read, write, and enjoy TV or live events. The glasses offer the market’s largest and sharpest wide display, bringing distant images closer with exceptional clarity. Veterans can read up close, recognize faces, and engage in various activities effortlessly.

    The Patriot ViewPoint uses virtual reality to present crystal-clear images, allowing users to choose full-color or high-contrast modes. With a simple button press, the glasses transform text into speech using OCR technology, offering precise document reading. Testimonials showcase emotional reactions, with users expressing newfound clarity in seeing faces, reading prints across the room, and rediscovering forgotten hobbies. Perfect for daily activities, hobbies, school, and specialized tasks like electronic circuitry inspection, these glasses redefine possibilities for visually impaired veterans. The Patriot ViewPoint combines comfort, simplicity, and advanced technology, empowering veterans to reclaim visual independence and joy in their daily lives.

    Introducing the LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Reader, a revolutionary low vision aid designed to cater specifically to veterans. This automatic scan text-to-speech reader requires no button pressing, ensuring immediate and hassle-free text-to-speech conversion. With an impressive fifteen-hour rechargeable battery, weighing only 3lbs, and the ability to fold flat for easy portability, the LyriQ is tailored for veterans with vision impairments seeking convenience and flexibility.

    This assistive reader is adept at scanning and reading printed documents aloud with remarkable speed and accuracy. Ideal for veterans, the LyriQ allows effortless reading of books, envelopes, letters, prescription labels, and more. The device’s interactive and responsive nature eliminates frustration, providing instant text-to-speech conversion in just a few seconds.

    With features like Bluetooth connectivity for external speakers or hearing aids, and the versatility of being battery or AC powered, the LyriQ seamlessly transitions from the living room to the kitchen or patio. Its intuitive design, minimal actions, and tactile buttons make it a user-friendly choice for visually impaired veterans, enhancing their reading experience with simplicity and efficiency.

    5. explorē 8 Handheld Magnifier

    Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Veterans Veterans Macular Degeneration Top Choices Discover the explore 8 Handheld Magnifier – a revolutionary low vision aid tailored for veterans seeking unparalleled clarity and mobility. Engineered with the user in mind, this smart, portable tablet boasts a touch-screen interface and dual cameras, providing the most powerful image clarity on the market. Ideal for those with low vision and age-related macular degeneration, it offers a seamless transition between near and far vision with hands-free operation.

    Veterans will appreciate the foolproof design, enabling automatic, one-touch freezing and zooming for distant images. The Explore 8 Handheld Magnifier ensures a big-screen experience in a small, lightweight package, perfect for veterans on the go. Its intuitive touchscreen, customizable features, and large buttons make it easy to navigate, while the ultra HD cameras deliver unmatched image quality. For added convenience, it connects effortlessly to a TV and features an automatic shut-off, ensuring readiness whenever needed.

    Compact yet powerful, the Explore 8 sets a new standard with an 8-inch handheld magnifier, HD stunning image quality, and fully customizable functions. Weighing just 580g, it’s a portable companion for veterans, providing a clear vision for daily activities. Redefine your visual experience with the Explore 8 – where innovation meets comfort for those who have served.

    6. Ruby XL HD — Handheld Magnifier

    Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Veterans Veterans Macular Degeneration Top Choices Introducing the Ruby XL HD Handheld Magnifier, a powerful low vision aid tailored for veterans seeking crystal clear, high-definition magnification in a compact, ultra-portable package. This innovative device, equipped with a five-inch screen, magnifies materials up to 14 times, making it ideal for examining books, photographs, newspapers, medications, labels, and more.

    Designed with veterans in mind, the Ruby XL HD Handheld Magnifier is easy to learn and use, whether at home, in the office, or on the go. Its slim and foldable design ensures maximum portability, fitting seamlessly into the palm of your hand. The color-coded tactile buttons provide easy adjustment of magnification, color mode selection, and the addition of reading lines or masks. The fold-out handle offers a firm and balanced grip, perfect for reading packaging labels or prescription bottles.

    For veterans looking for convenience, the Ruby XL HD allows freezing images with a simple button push, enabling a closer view. With the capability to save and transfer up to 80 images, including phone numbers, serial numbers, and family pictures, veterans can enhance their visual experience and maintain independence. The Ruby XL HD, available in traditional red or gray, redefines comfort and ease of use for veterans seeking a reliable and portable magnification solution.

    7. explorē 12 Portable Magnifier With Stand

    Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Veterans Veterans Macular Degeneration Top Choices Elevate your active lifestyle with the explorē 12 Portable Magnifier, a top-tier low vision aid tailored for veterans. As the largest in the Explore line, this electronic magnifier offers unparalleled full high-definition image quality for enhanced near and distance viewing, empowering veterans to engage in various activities effortlessly.

    The expansive 12-inch touch screen makes it an ideal choice for veterans who seek a larger interface for reading, writing, painting, drawing, and more. With a superior magnification range, this tablet-sized magnifier facilitates everyday tasks like reading, writing, and viewing pictures or maps, providing versatility on the go.

    Perfect for veterans in different life stages, the explorē 12 is a convenient companion for students, ensuring a quick start to classes with its easy-to-use design. For seniors, its lightweight construction and 3.5-hour battery life make it an ideal partner for maintaining an active lifestyle at home or on the move.

    Live panning and color enhancements add to the functionality, allowing veterans to zoom in and out, pan across a book, and choose from various color options for increased visual contrast—all at the touch of a button. The ergonomically designed buttons ensure easy zooming and access to visual settings customization, while the portable, folding reading stand provides stability for extended periods of reading, writing, or other manual tasks.

    Designed to deliver exceptional independence, the explorē 12 Portable Magnifier rekindles the joy of reading for veterans, ensuring they can fully enjoy life’s great moments without limitations imposed by their eye condition.

    Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Veterans Veterans Macular Degeneration Top Choices

    Introducing the DaVinci Pro HD OCR Desktop Magnifier – a revolutionary tool offering not just magnification but also advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities, making it a perfect fit for veterans with low vision. This multifunctional device features a high-definition camera providing exceptionally sharp images, coupled with a built-in text-to-speech OCR reader.

    For veterans who may be technologically inexperienced, the DaVinci Pro offers unparalleled simplicity in operation while remaining adaptable to evolving needs. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy setup and immediate usability, catering to individuals with varying levels of technological proficiency. Additionally, the incorporation of entertaining games serves not only as a recreational feature but also as a cognitive exercise, particularly beneficial for veterans seeking to maintain mental acuity.

    Furthermore, the DaVinci Pro’s OCR text-to-speech functionality alleviates eye strain by reading printed text aloud, making it ideal for consuming lengthy documents or articles. Its lightweight design enhances portability, allowing veterans to utilize the device conveniently in various settings. With expanded viewing options and compatibility with multiple devices, including iPads and PCs, the DaVinci Pro offers unmatched versatility and convenience for veterans with low vision.

    9. Merlin Elite Pro – Full HD Desktop Magnifier With Text-to-SpeechTop 10 Low Vision Aids for Veterans Veterans Macular Degeneration Top Choices

    Introducing the Merlin Elite Pro Desktop Magnifier, the pinnacle of digital magnifiers in the Merlin lineup, designed specifically as low vision aids for veterans. Equipped with a state-of-the-art Sony 1080p HD camera, this device offers unparalleled clarity for viewing magnified information. What sets the Merlin Elite Pro apart is its full-page text-to-speech capability, boasting a 13-megapixel camera for incredibly accurate conversion quality.

    For veterans who enjoy reading extensively, the Merlin Elite Pro simplifies the process with its intuitive one-button operation, effortlessly magnifying text and reading aloud favorite books, articles, newspapers, and various documents. Its high-definition color and contrast ensure vivid viewing of photographs and images.

    Moreover, the Merlin Elite Pro’s text-to-speech feature provides a welcome relief for tired eyes, allowing users to listen to printed text in multiple languages. Whether at home, school, or the office, this electronic magnifier restores visual independence, enabling veterans to engage in activities like reading, writing, viewing photos, and pursuing hobbies with ease. With its crystal-clear images, bold display, and expansive field of view, the Merlin Elite PRO offers unmatched assistance for veterans with low vision.

    10. MagniLink Vision Desktop Magnifier

    The MagniLink Vision Desktop Magnifier is a comprehensive low vision aid tailored for veterans seeking enhanced visual assistance in both home and office settings. This versatile video magnifier boasts a range of modern features designed to cater to individuals with visual impairments, all at an attractive price point.

    The MagniLink Vision Desktop Magnifier offers plug-and-play functionality, making it effortless to set up and start using immediately. Its user-friendly design, including tactile control buttons conveniently integrated into the LVI monitor, ensures easy navigation, particularly beneficial for elderly users.

    Equipped with a stable reading table featuring friction brakes for precise movement control, veterans can comfortably engage with documents or objects. The Full HD picture quality delivers a stable, flicker-free image from the reading camera, enhancing contrast and color reproduction for a clear and visually satisfying experience.

    With its ergonomic design and comprehensive functionalities, the MagniLink Vision Desktop Magnifier provides veterans with a contemporary and accessible solution for their low vision needs, empowering them to navigate daily tasks with confidence and ease.


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