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New Design, Connects to iPad wirelessly!

(Also connects to PC, Mac & Android)

iPad…!, iPad…!, i-Pad…!!!

How many times have you heard someone ask, “is it compatible with an iPad?”

Now the answer is a resounding…yes!

The new Transformer HD Wi-Fi is a total redesign…and a breakthrough new low vision product!

It has all the functionality of the former version, plus so much more!

The new Transformer HD Wi-Fi now houses built-in Wi-Fi.  This allows the new Transformer HD Wi-Fi to connect to an iPad, using no wires… that means…Wirelessly…!  The benefits of this new wireless functionality are enormous!

Remember… the new Transformer HD Wi-Fi also has a built-in 2-hour battery, so students with low vision do not have to plug it in during class (a 2nd 2-hour battery and 2nd charger are also included) – students are not anchored to a wall with a long power cord, and they are not fighting with messy “spaghetti” wires. Students are also NOT bleeding down any laptop batteries, because the battery on the new Transformer HD Wi-Fi is totally independent of the user’s laptop.

The new Transformer HD Wi-Fi low vision aid will also allow users with vision loss to now easily connect to Android tablets, PCs, and MacBooks wirelessly. Isn’t that amazing..!!

Imagine carrying an iPad, or a Surface Pro Tablet, or a MacBook Air, or Android tablet to your class, so light, so thin, and now your portable battery-operated CCTV electronic magnification system connects to it, wirelessly.

For increased visual optics, users who are visually impaired can also connect the new Transformer HD to a PC or a Mac, using a USB cable, which is provided.

For the absolute highest quality, state-of-the-art image, users are also able to connect the new Transformer HD to any HDMI monitor.

There are no software subscription limits, so users can connect the new Transformer HD Wi-Fi to an unlimited number of outputs right out of the box, whether one is using a PC at home, a Mac at school, an iPad while traveling, an Android tablet at a friends house, or a HDMI monitor when relaxing at night. So much flexibility..!

Users are able to use the new Transformer HD Wi-Fi to see distance viewing, near viewing, and self-viewing. The New upright arm position of the 3-in-1 twistable 1080p HD camera head provides users a much higher camera elevation, resulting in taller clearance over objects in front of the user. Now the camera can also fully twist 360° for the entire room view. – it is outstanding!

Additionally, users of this New low vision product can now record endless hours of video in the classroom AND take an unlimited amount of photos…so many great options, so much versatility..!

On top of all of the already mentioned many features and benefits, the new Transformer HD Wi-Fi also has a 13 megapixel OCR camera. Can you believe what you just read? In addition to all the aforementioned capabilities and flexibility, the new Transformer HD Wi-Fi also has Text-To-Speech…! Isn’t that awesome!  OCR or Text-To-Speech is great for providing users the benefit of speed-reading their assignments by listening to a scanned image turned into speech. The option of turning Text into Speech rests the eyes and contributes to less fatigue and greater productivity, especially when users have longer reading tasks, like multiple chapter readings and voluminous book assignments.

The new Transformer HD Wi-Fi is an amazing new technology for students, mobile professionals, or anyone with mild, moderate or severe vision loss, who needs a super high-powered, highly functional, highly versatile, highest quality portable electronic video magnifier, plus the highest quality text to speech system.

Transformer HD Software Compatibility

We are happy to announce that Transformer HD is now compatible with the latest versions of Supernova (16.06), Zoomtext (11.7) and Zoomtext 2018.  Additionally, OCR capability has also been added when using these 3rd party add-ons.   For complete technical updates, questions and answers, and how to update your Transformer HD, please click on the Transformer HD Tech Bulletin link below!

Helpful and Important Links:

May 2021 – New Features and Updates:

We’ve updated our Transformer HD Technical Bulletin to include instructions on how to update your Transformer HD unit firmware for RN (registration numbers) 02.28 and 03.05 to our latest 03.06.

Please click on the links below for further information and complete step-by-step upgrade instructions:

<Click here for the Windows Technical Bulletin>  or  <Click here for the MacOS Technical Bulletin>


March-20-2020 – New Features and Updates:

In an on-going focus on continuous improvement and listening to their customers, the manufacturer believes their products should not only be feature-rich, but they should be easy to use and understand. That said, they have upgraded our Transformer HD product to greatly improve the user experience.

  • iOS12 and iPadOS13 compatibility
  • macOS Mojave/Catalina compatibility
  • Further Improved robustness to crashes, including under Windows 10 Education
  • ZoomText 2019/2020 compatibility and New Selectable OCR Text feature in the OCR-TTS window allowing ZoomText/SuperNova text reading option
  • New freeze frame and multiple display support for ZoomText 2019/2020
  • Audio/Video recording support in Windows over USB3.0
  • Migration to a newer more modern Nuance engine from an older version. This migration utilizes the latest OCR engine technology allowing for a better customer experience
  • And many more not listed here!

For all units beginning with Serial Number S0309001 or higher, these upgrades will automatically be included. If you have an earlier version and would like to upgrade, you must uninstall the old Transformer software and install the new software.

Please click on the button below titled Technical Bulletin for further information about these New Features and complete step by step upgrade instructions.

<Click here for the Technical Bulletin – Windows>  or  <Click here for the Technical Bulletin – Mac>  or  <Click here for the Transformer HDUser Manual>

Product Manual

No user manual found.
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Product Features
Sony ® Full HD 1080p auto focus 3-in-1 camera for self-viewing, reading or distance viewing
4 desktop positions available: left, right, forward & upright
Magnification up to 30x on 24” LCD
32 viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness
Connects via HDMI, USB 3.0 or Wi-Fi
Work in Full or Split Screen mode
Removable legs for suction base option
Record and save videos for later playback
Built in LED lighting
2 hour minimum removable battery with internal charger (spare battery and external charger also included)
Carrying Case included
2 Year Warranty

OCR Features
Optional 13 Megapixel Camera for accurate Full Page Text-to-Speech (OCR)
Adjustable magnification and color viewing modes in OCR
Reading preview lets you read the entire page or use your cursor to select where to begin reading
Multiple language recognition
Male & Female premium voices
Save & recall documents, pictures, and export files to your computer
System Requirements and Compatibility
Transformer HD is intended to be used alongside a desktop/laptop computer, tablet, Chromebook, or HDMI monitor. To get the best experience possible, ensure your system meets these minimum requirements.

Windows PCs and Laptops
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor (one of the following):
Core i3 at 2.4GHz or higher
AMD A10 Series APU with 2.5GHz or higher
FX-7600P processor family with 2.7GHz or higher
4GB RAM or higher
Graphics (one of the following):
ATI Radeon™ R6 graphics or higher
Intel HD graphics 4600 or higher
Screen resolution (minimum) 1366x768 or higher
USB 3.0 or SuperSpeed (SS)
Mouse or another pointing device
ZoomText 2019 or higher (optional)
SuperNova 18.03 (optional)

Apple Mac Computers and Laptops
macOS Mojave 10.14 or Catalina 10.15
4GB RAM or higher
Early 2013 model or later 1.3GHz CPU
Screen resolution (minimum) 1366x768 or higher
USB 3.0 or SuperSpeed (SS)
Mouse or another pointing device

Android Tablets (Wi-Fi only)
Android OS 8.1 or higher (Wi-Fi only)
Exynos 7 Octa 5433 Octa-core, 1900 MHz, ARM Cortex-A57, ARM Cortex-A53, 64-bit or higher
3GB RAM or higher Enhanced Vision Transformer HD User Manual 5

Apple iPad Tablets (Wi-Fi only)
iOS 12 or iPadOS 13
iPad Mini2 or higher
iPad Air or higher
iPad Pro (all versions)
Chrome OS v73 or higher (64-bit only)
Intel/AMD x86-64 bits processor-based Chromebooks only Note: No ARM processors (Mediatek, Exynos, Rockchip, or any other ARM processor) will work with Transformer HD.
Intel® HD graphics 400 or higher • Screen resolution 1366x768 or higher • 2GB RAM or higher
16GB storage or higher
USB 3.0 or SuperSpeed (SS)

Monitor or TV (for HDMI Mode)
-HDMI/DVI input Note: DVI input requires an HDMI to DVI adapter to use with the HDMI cable included with Transformer HD.
-For 1080p camera viewing, a full HD (1920x1080p) compatible monitor is needed.
-For 720p camera viewing, an HD (1280x720p) compatible monitor is needed

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