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BrailleSense 6 Braille Notetaker offers the most power and performance in a braille notetaker.

The BrailleSense 6 is the most powerful braille notetaker in the world. Designed with the fastest hardware and powered by Android 12, it is the ultimate notetaker.

With 32 braille cells, a Perkins keyboard, Android 12 OS, and current computing hardware, the all-new BrailleSense 6 competes with mainstream technology while providing the accessibility and productivity that HIMS braille devices are known for.

Finally a braille notetaker that can keep up in today’s classroom

Students with the BrailleSense 6 read textbooks, write reports, complete assignments, send emails, share documents with Google Drive, and get their classwork done.

The BrailleSense 6 is absolutely the most powerful braille notetaker in the world. Running Android 10 and sporting hardware found in mainstream technology, the BrailleSense 6 is going to continue to work for your students for years to come.

BrailleSense 6 – Super Fast and Powerful!

Mainstream Speed

When you need things done, the BrailleSense 6 gives a whole new level of power. With an 8 core CPU and 6 GB of memory, you will experience performance you have never felt in a braille notetaker.

Software at Light Speed

The BrailleSense Polaris included our custom applications that made it a great choice at school, at work, and at home. Those same applications are available on the BrailleSense 6 and perform shockingly fast.

Here’s why the BrailleSense 6 is for you:

  • 32 high-quality braille cells
  • Industry best support for uncontracted, contracted, UEB, and Nemeth braille translations
  • Fully accessible email that supports all common email providers, including yours
  • Up-to-date Operating system and industry best hardware under the hood for long-term performance
  • Access to apps through Google Play Store
  • Create professional documents with a Word Processor designed specifically for notetaker use.
  • Easily share content with sighted teachers and peers through plug-and-play USB Type-C connection, found only on the BrailleSense 6.
  • Share documents with a special built-in Google Drive app, designed specifically for the BrailleSense 6.

Built for the Classroom


Students can write math and text in the same document easier and faster than with any other notetaker in the world. There are no limits to the number of lines and our math has visual and audio output for each character written. When it comes to math, the BrailleSense 6 is simply the best.

Word Processing

The BrailleSense Word Processor gives your students the ability to work directly with Microsoft Office files, giving teachers the ability to send files directly to the student. No transcribing necessary.


Easily and accessibly send and receive emails with POP 3, IMAP, and Exchange email services. This includes G Mail and all of the common email providers.

Screen Sharing

Students in the classroom can share their screen with teachers or peers through a single USB-C cable. Students at home can share their screen through Zoom, Google Meet, and other popular virtual meeting applications.

File Sharing

Students and teachers can share files easily, quickly, and accessibly with the BrailleSense 6’s proprietary Google Drive application. This app is built specifically for notetaker use and removes the barriers and difficulty of file sharing.

Built for the Future

The needs of your students change. Running Android 10 on the latest and most powerful hardware means the BrailleSense 6 will perform better and last longer than any other notetaker.

Learn More:

  • Android 12: The latest operating system in a braille notetaker
  • Octa-Core CPU: Increased performance for multitasking and meeting demands of powerful apps
  • 128 GB Storage: For keeping all of your files with you, no matter the size
  • 6 GB of Memory: For when you need to get things done fast without the lag
  • Share Visually with USB-C: Ditch the screen and share visually with a single cord, just as it should be
  • Ultimate Connectivity: Mix audio tracks, live stream video, and more with off-the-shelf peripherals

BrailleSense 6 Resources and Downloads

  • BrailleSense 6 without the latest V1.7 update needs offline installation. Running the latest V1.7 allows online upgrade. If uncertain, recommended to use offline installation.
  • BrailleSense 6 Latest Firmware:
  • BrailleSense 6 Firmware Installation Instructions:
  • BrailleSense 6 Release Notes:
  • BrailleSense 6 USB Driver:
  • Sense Bible App:
    • BrailleSense 6 Bible User Manual (.doc):
    • BrailleSense 6 Bible App Download:
    • BrailleSense 6 Bible App Data:
  • BrailleSense 6 Training Videos:
  • BrailleSense 6 Training Documents:

Product Manual

Active: PDF Manual Download
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New England Low Vision and Blindness strives to ensure that its services are accessible to people with disabilities. You have requested 3rd party content that we cannot guarantee is 100% accessible to people with disabilities. By checking the box below, you understand and accept receipt of the document with the understanding it might not be 100% accessible to people with disabilities.

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Key Specifications:
  • OS: Android 10
  • CPU: 8-Core High Performance CPU
  • Internal Storage: 128 GB
  • Memory: 6 GB LPDDR4X
  • Card Slot: Full-Sized SD Card
  • Speakers: Stereo, 2 Watt
  • Microphone: Stereo, Omni directions
  • 3.5 mm Jack: 1x 4-pole Headphone, 1x stereo Microphone
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer (Compass)
  • Dimensions: 9.65 x 5.67 x 0.87 inches
  • Weight: 1.58 lbs, 2.3 lbs with case
  • Battery: 4590 mAh, Removable
  • Charging: USB-C, 5V 2.4A
  • Keyboard: Thickness Membrane Perkins and 4 Function Keys
  • Other:
  • Lock Switch, Mode Switch, Media Control Keys, Volume Buttons, Power Buttons
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth: 5.1 dual mode for LE and Classic
  • GPS: GPS/Glonass/Beidou/Galileo
  • FM Radio: 65 ~ 108 MHz with 50kHz step
  • USB: 1x USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 1 Device Mode, 1 USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 1 Host Mode, 2x USB Type-A 2.0 Host Mode
  • Video Out: USB Type-C (DisplayPort 1.2)
  • Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Rear Camera: 13 MP, Autofocus, LED Flash
  • External Camera: Supports the use of plug-and-play USB cameras
  • Warranty: 1-Year, parts and labor
  • Product Maintenance Agreement: Optional, add up to 1 additional year of coverage.
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