Our full-suite of low vision and blindness products and training services are designed to help visually impaired students, their teachers and TVIs be most productive and successful.  Given the wide variety of low vision and blindness aids and software products on the market, our recommendations cover all the products we sell as well as other products in the marketplace.

1. Education Training Services

A Comprehensive Assistive Technology Evaluation is a key component to the IEP Back to School Low Vision and Blindness Resources For You (Individual Education Program) for any student who has low vision or blindness.

Our extensive Comprehensive Assistive Technology Evaluation is designed to supplement the overall educational plan for special needs students. Our primary goal is to identify what type or combination of assistive technology will be the most appropriate for the needs of the student.

Our Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts can be hired for $1,995 to provide a Comprehensive Assistive Technology Evaluation. Click Here To Learn More About Our Education Training Services

2. Transformer HD with WiFi + OCRBack to School Low Vision and Blindness Resources For You

iPad, iPad, iPad!! - Transformer HD WiFi + OCR connects wirelessly to your iPad! Its New Design, Connects not only to an iPad, but also to a PC, Mac & Android - all wirelessly!  The Transformer HD Wi-Fi + OCR has all the functionality of the former version, plus so much more! Did we mention it also has full-page OCR?Incredible! It also has its own Built in 2-hour rechargeable battery, so students with low vision do not have to power it from their laptop or plug it in during class (a 2nd 2-hour battery and 2nd charger are also included) – students are not anchored to a wall with a long power cord, and they are not fighting with messy “spaghetti” wires. Transformer HD WiFi + OCR is a must for Students and Mobile Professionals. Click Here To Learn More About Transformer HD With WiFi+OCR

3. Ruby 7 HD Handheld Video MagnifierBack to School Low Vision and Blindness Resources For You

Ruby 7 HD is one of the newest handheld video magnifier in the popular Ruby series. Ruby 7 HD comes with a bigger screen, higher magnification and all sorts of new and improved features, including the new PivotCam™ -  a rotating camera that gives you even more viewing options.

Ruby 7 HD has a bigger 7-inch screen (2 full inches larger than other Ruby magnifiers) that lets you see more and gives you even more magnifying power. This larger screen can display more text and images so you can see more and reading is easier. The bigger screen size also gives you 24x magnification (versus a 14x maximum with other Ruby magnifiers). Click Here To Learn More About Ruby 7 HD Handheld Video Magnifier

4. DaVinci Pro — Portable 3-in-1 CCTV Video Magnifier

Back to School Low Vision and Blindness Resources For You

DaVinci Pro for the 3rd year in a row leads the pack. It is continually upgraded and is still considered the "best-of-the-best" when it comes to an everyday simple to use desktop video magnifier workstation. DaVinci Pro's 3-in-1 Full HD camera displays a super-sharp true-to-life crisp image with no ghosting. DaVinci Pro casts a very wide viewable field and it has an incredible 18" of working space for most any reading and writing task. It's 13mp full-page OCR camera is nearly 100% accurate for reading newspapers, books, magazines, newsletters, and it is very easy to operate. DaVinci Pro has passed the test of both our most novice and our most advanced power users. It still remains the perfect tool for home, libraries, college disability rooms, senior centers and retirement communities. Click Here To Learn More DaVinci Pro

5. Prodigi "MATT" Connect

Back to School Low Vision and Blindness Resources For You

Prodigi "MATT" Connect is one of the most powerful digital magnifiers on the market – with desktop and distance viewing.

It is a wonderful solution for low vision students or anyone suffering from low vision who is looking to enlarge print and images, using an Android tablet.  The Distance Viewing camera allows user to view documents or classwork from their desk.

Prodigi "MATT" Connect is extremely portable and lightweight (under 2 pounds.) It’s equipped with diamond edge technology which will keep the letters crisp and precise even when you maximize the size of the image.  The Prodigi software is built into/on a Samsung Tablet, is Google Approved and allows access to all applications and Google settings. Click Here To Learn More About Prodigi "MATT" Connect

(New England Low Vision and Blindness is pleased to offer support for APH MATT Connect.)

6. MagniLink Zip Premium Full HD 17 Video MagnifierBack to School Low Vision and Blindness Resources For You

The MagniLink Zip Premium Full HD 17 desktop video magnifier is at the forefront of modern technology and a winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.  It was developed to be easy to use, light in weight, and with small dimensions when folded down.  LVI products are built in a modular style which means there are many models to choose from in order to fit the requirements of each user. This model is equipped with a Full Hi-Definition monitor and reading/distance camera.

Uncompromising true-color image quality is ever present and the MagniLink Zip Premium Full HD 17 desktop video magnifier is intuitive and user friendly. The control panel was designed according to the highest technology standards and with client feedback in mind.  It’s easy to find, learn, and maneuver – for example, the function knobs rotate and are simple to handle, and easily seen, and there is an advanced mode for advanced users. Click Here To Learn More About MagniLink Zip Premium

7.  Explore 8Back to School Low Vision and Blindness Resources For You

Explore 8 – Amazing near and distance optics on an 8" Screen. Key design is the position of the operational buttons, where they are not easily pushed when moving the product. Explore 8 is a smart, portable, touch-screen, two-camera tablet, designed with the user in mind.  The unmatched clarity of image with the most powerful camera on the market.  Easy to use, intuitive use and one-touch buttons to activate features.  Light, portable, customizable.  This is the perfect electronic video magnifier for anyone with low vision and age-related macular degeneration. Click Here To Learn More About Explore 8

8. NuEyes Pro 3Back to School Low Vision and Blindness Resources For You

NuEyes low-vision glasses are the newest head-mounted, hands-free wearable technology that gives low-vision users CCTV and text-to-speech capabilities in an easy-to-use headset about the size of a pair of sunglasses. NuEyes featuring ODG smartglasses magnify (up to 12x) and display enhanced versions of anything that you look at.  NuEyes low vision glasses magnification you need to be built into a comfortable headset without bulky control pack. Click Here To Learn More About NuEyes

9. Patriot ViewPoint Glasses

Are you diagnosed with Macular Degeneration or Stargardts? Back to School Low Vision and Blindness Resources For You

If so, then the Patriot ViewPoint, the latest wearable low-vision glasses showcasing a spectacular 96 degree viewable field, is the product you have always been waiting for. You must try this product!

The wide-screen 96 degree viewable field is the largest on the market, and it makes all the difference having a super-sharp wide display bringing close to you nearly everything that is displayed at a distance.

You can also read up close, plus see people’s faces, watch TV, read the newspaper, the possibilities are endless. Click Here To Learn More About Patriot ViewPoint

Training Services for Students and Teachers

Please keep in mind that New England Low Vision and Blindness offers low vision and blindness assessment and training services for students, teachers and schools to help students with vision impairment maximize the remaining vision that they do have.

Low Vision Training Services for Students, Teachers and Schools

Our Assistive Technology Specialists and Trainers can assess needs, recommend low vision and blindness devices, set up systems and provide training for visually impaired students and the education professionals who work with them. Our training services enable students and teachers to use technology to get the visually impaired student immediate access to tests, notes, presentations, etc. and to have the same equal access to educational information as their peers.

Want to Learn More About Our Products and Services

New England Low Vision and Blindness sets the gold standard with its suite of reliable and cost-effective low vision and blindness products and services for visually impaired veterans.

To learn more about any of these products and services or to schedule a no obligation demonstration, contact a Low Vision Specialist at New England Low Vision and Blindness to learn more. You can also call our toll free number 888-211-6933 or email us at info@nelowvision.com.

Our two(2) state-of-the-art technology showrooms are a wonderful resource, showcasing a variety of leading electronic low vision magnifiers and blindness products.  You can schedule an appointment with one of our Vision Specialists who can help you find the right technology, training and care solution.

If you cannot come to us, our staff can even drive out and bring our Vision Store to you, for a no-obligation product demonstration. We offer a comprehensive line of products including electronic magnification low vision aids, blindness products, and leading low vision products for people with glaucoma, macular degeneration and other forms of vision loss.