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Eye-Pal SOLO  The Eye-Pal SOLO is now available for users who are blind and those with low vision

The Eye-Pal SOLO is the first and original camera-based reading and magnifying device. Accurate, fast and easy to use, the Eye-Pal SOLO has provided near instant access to print to thousands of seniors. This stand-alone device requires no special training and is ready to be used right out of the box. Connect it to an external monitor or home TV to view pictures, magnified text or to write a check. Weighing in under seven pounds, it can travel with you anywhere.

The Eye-Pal SOLO enhances independence and enriches lives

The Eye-Pal SOLO reads aloud almost anything printed: Books, newspapers, magazines, mail, and cookbooks, quickly and easily. It’s so simple to use that anyone– from an 80-year-old grandmother who is blind to her three-year-old granddaughter–can use it. We developed the Eye-Pal SOLO to enable anyone who is blind or visually-challenged to easily “read” the content of any printed text by listening.

Easy, easier, easiest

Take the Eye-Pal SOLO out of the box, plug it in, place a document, book or newspaper on the base of the device and, within seconds, you will hear it read aloud. To read another document, simply replace the current document with a new one. The placement of the page does not matter, so you can turn your document in any direction. There are no complicated controls; just simplicity, speed and accuracy. A 20-year-old automatic coffee maker (without all the electronics they install in the new ones) is as easy to use as our Eye-Pal SOLO.

Control reading by moving your hand

Do you have to pause while reading? Just wave your hand above the page. Eye-Pal SOLO is so precise and responsive that the reading will stop immediately. To resume reading, wave your hand again, and the Eye-Pal Solo will continue from the correct word.

Here’s a link to a quick-start guide for the Eye-Pal SOLO – https://nelowvision.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Eye-Pal-SOLO-Quick-Start.pdf

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To schedule a no obligation demonstration, contact a Low Vision Specialist at New England Low Vision and Blindness to learn more. You can also call our toll free number 888-211-6933 or email us at info@nelowvision.com.

Our two(2) state-of-the-art technology showrooms are a wonderful resource, showcasing a variety of leading electronic low vision magnifiers and blindness products.  You can schedule an appointment with one of our Vision Specialists who can help you find the right technology, training and care solution.

If you cannot come to us, our staff can even drive out and bring our Vision Store to you, for a no-obligation product demonstration. We offer a comprehensive line of products including electronic magnification low vision aids, blindness products, and leading low vision products for people with glaucoma, macular degeneration and other forms of vision loss.

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Instantly reads printed material
Easy, fast, and accurate
Starts reading automatically
Hand-motion activated
Lightweight – under seven pounds and 9”x11”
Ready to use right out of the box – no learning curve and no complicated controls

Easy to set up and use — no computer required
Converts printed text to natural, human-sounding speech
Automatically and accurately reads printed material
Hand-motion activated
Scans 20 pages per minute
Save documents as TXT or MP3 format files
Lightweight and space saving: weighs under 7 pounds and is only 9" wide by 11" long