PictureSmart AI for JAWS Screen Reader

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    Redefining What’s Possible in Accessibility!

    A groundbreaking feature using AI to provide detailed image descriptions in JAWS Screen Reader – Home Edition and JAWS Screen Reader – Professional Edition.

    We are pleased to introduce PictureSmart AI within the JAWS screen reading software. This groundbreaking feature harnesses artificial intelligence to furnish elaborate descriptions of images. This advancement signifies a remarkable stride in accessibility technology, granting unprecedented support for visually impaired users as they navigate digital content through screen reading capabilities.

    Empowering Users with AI Technology

    PictureSmart AI, found in JAWS and as part of Fusion, represents a major enhancement over its prior version, utilizing advanced AI algorithms to analyze and articulate what’s in images, including those found on web pages, in emails, or within screenshots. This feature is designed to address the challenges visually impaired users face when encountering graphical content, transforming the way they access and interact with digital information.

    “This feature is more than just an innovation; it’s a gateway to untapped potential, allowing our users to use JAWS to interact with images and graphics in ways previously unimaginable,” said Ryan Jones, Vice President of Software and a JAWS user himself. “By weaving the latest AI technologies into JAWS, we are not just enhancing user experience; we are redefining what’s possible in accessibility. PictureSmart AI is a significant step forward in our commitment to empowering individuals with vision impairments to navigate the digital world with the same ease and depth as everyone else. We are excited to see how this technology will open new doors for our users, fostering greater independence and enriching their digital interactions.”

    Breaking Down Barriers

    With PictureSmart AI, JAWS users can now explore a whole new world of digital content. From detailed descriptions of charts and diagrams to social media posts to insights into screenshots of application windows, PictureSmart AI removes the longstanding barrier between visually impaired users and graphical information, ensuring everyone can fully participate in the digital age.

    “In our initial testing phase, we’ve observed an incredible range of applications by our users,” remarked Roxana Fischer, Product Manager for Blind and Low Vision Software. “The introduction of PictureSmart AI has empowered them to embark on activities previously out of reach, from exploring family photos to actively participating in screen-shared presentations and even navigating complex diagrams at school. This diversity in usage underscores the transformative potential of PictureSmart AI.”

    Innovation Inspired by Users

    The development of PictureSmart AI underscores Freedom Scientific’s commitment to innovation driven by user needs. By harnessing the power of AI, Freedom Scientific aims to enhance screen reading technology further, enabling users to navigate the digital world with greater ease and confidence.

    Availability and Continuous Improvement

    PictureSmart AI is available in the March update of JAWS and Fusion version 2024. Visit the JAWS 2024 release notes to learn more and see examples. Freedom Scientific is committed to continuous improvement, ensuring PictureSmart AI evolves to meet the needs of our diverse user base.

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