5 Smart Home Technologies to Enhance Your Home Safety

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    Compared to traditional home security methods, smart home security systems have far more effective capabilities. Innovative home technologies are a proactive way to protect your home because they can provide you with alerts and updates regarding your home’s security. You can remotely control your home appliances through smart technology, keeping your home safer.
    Smart home technology comes with fire and security sensors, power consumption limiters, and more to guarantee your home’s security. Below are smart home technologies to enhance your home safety.

    1. Home security and alarm system

    A home security system allows you to monitor your home from anywhere, ensuring home safety. If an intruder gains access into your home, the alarm goes off, and the police get notified, protecting your valuables. The home security system also comes with fire and carbon monoxide detectors, protecting your home from fire damage and poisonous gas. The remote-controlled surveillance aspect of the home security system allows you to watch your home 24/7 and from anywhere.

    You can have a real-time view of your home through a smartphone app from wireless security cameras. You can even get alerts when people enter or leave your home. Get your home security and alarm system from a reliable and trusted dealer like Vivint Alarm for impeccable services.

    2. Fingerprint scanners

    With fingerprint scanners, only those whose fingerprints have been authorized can unlock the doors. These scanners are more secure and convenient than the traditional lock and key or the password and pin codes that unauthorized users can hack to gain entry. Since fingerprints cannot be lost or shared, your home safety can’t be compromised.

    3. Smart doorbell

    Unlike the traditional doorbell, smart doorbells allow you to find out who is at the door through the live video and answer via audio. Thanks to infrared night vision camera technology, you can still see someone at the door even when it’s dark. The smart doorbell allows for the remote answering of the door, meaning nobody can tell whether you’re home or not. It also records any suspicious activity, so you can use it as evidence if a crime is committed.

    4. Light automation

    Light automation is a technology you can use to give the impression that you’re home even when you’re not. It’s ideal for use when you’ve traveled or at night. All you have to do is set the lights to go on and off at designated times. You can also light automation with motion sensors and automated torch lights to keep the outdoors and all entry points well-lit to scare away criminals.

    5. Smoke alarms

    Home safety isn’t just about protecting yourself from intruders. Installing smoke alarms in your home protects you from fires and inhalation of smoke. These alarms go off whenever they detect smoke to alert you so that you can escape on time or find the cause. Install them at strategic locations in your home, including outside each bedroom, near the kitchen, basement, and any other area where a fire can easily break.


    Smart home technologies are an effective way to protect your home and peace of mind. They keep you in the know about what’s happening in and around your home at the touch of a button. Consider investing in smart home gadgets and technologies to enhance your home safety.

    This article was published on January 3, 2022 by TechZone360 and authored by Sana Faisalne.  To read the original article, you can visit this link – https://www.techzone360.com/topics/techzone/articles/2022/01/03/451096-5-smart-home-technologies-enhance-home-safety.htm

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