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    Top 20 Apps For People With Low Vision - From the Carroll Center Tech Fair Tech Tips Resources Technology At the end of 2020, the Carroll Center Virtual Technology Fair took place.  One of the many valuable pieces of information presented was the Must Have Apps of 2020, to help people with low vision.


    In case you missed it…..

    With a seemingly endless number of apps available in the App Store, it can be tricky choosing which ones to install on your devices. We’ve got you covered! Our own Ashley Colburn, Vision Rehabilitation Instructor, and Nick Corbett, Technology Instructor, will share their go-to apps, programs, and smart assistant skills from the past year, especially those that have been critical during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. From productivity to shopping to health and fun, learn about what apps have can make a difference in your life today!

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    Top 20 Apps

    1. Aira and Be My Eyes: for sighted assistance.
    2. Zoom: for video conferencing.
    3. Instacart: for grocery shopping.
    4. Seeing AI: for optical character recognition.
    5. Lyft and Uber: for ridesharing.
    6. ProximiT: for public transit tracking.
    7. Microsoft OneDrive: for cloud storage.
    8. Microsoft Soundscape: for travel orientation.
    9. Fidelity Mobile Apps: for mobile/online banking.
    10. Lazarillo: for GPS info and navigation.
    11. Nest: for home thermostat control.
    12. Apple Podcasts: for podcast access.
    13. Netflix: for described video programming.
    14. BARD Mobile: for audio books.
    15. Voice Dream: for text to speech of documents and books.
    16. Eyes-Free Fitness: for exercise.
    17. MyChart: for medical communications.
    18. Alexa App: for mobile access to Alexa.
    19. Amazon: for online shopping.
    20. iRobot Home: for automated vacuuming


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