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The Only HD Handheld Magnifier You’ll Ever Need! 

HD • Lightweight • Portable

Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier is a low vision handheld magnifier that boasts a new HD camera providing a crisp, clear, colorful, high definition picture. A new ergonomic lightweight compact design makes it the perfect low vision aid whether at home or on the go. Carry this low vision product in your purse, pocket, or clip it on your belt with the included carrying case.

The only time you’ll know it’s there is when you need it!

The Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier is handy in many different locations with an HD camera providing a clear, colorful, high definition picture and a foldable, adjustable handle for ergonomic comfort.

Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier

Now Available in Red, White and Blue

The Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier is the most trusted, most technologically simple and the most advanced portable low vision magnifier for EVERY:

  • Eye Doctor — elevate your profession by recommending Pebble HD to patients over any handheld or stand illuminated magnifiers
  • Teacher — better act on your student’s behalf by showing all that Pebble HD can do and how cool it is
  • Disability Coordinator — keep your technology room cutting edge by giving your students access to Pebble HD
  • Librarian — better cooperate with accessibility needs, by making Pebble HD available to help access card catalogs, directories and books
  • Counselor, Instructor, Therapist, Specialist, Technician —  strengthen your service by presenting Pebble HD as a primary client consideration
  • Senior — gain independence to shop, bank, travel, eat out and easily breeze through independent living tasks (mail, prescriptions, phone numbers, expiration dates, nail care, etc.)

Expanded Magnification Ranges

The Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier gives expanded magnification ranges to give you extended zoom, magnification and field of view.  Click here to see a chart of how much more magnification you get when using Pebble HD.


Weighing just 7.2 ounces, the Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier is considered to be the lightest on the market for the 4.3” monitor size.

Compact Size

The Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier is small enough to bring anywhere. Simply put it in your pocket to use when you are:

  • Shopping – to read price tags, sales signs, advertising and flyers
  • At school – to read the bulletin board, cafeteria and bus signs
  • At work – to quickly review/sign documents, read quickly on the go
  • At home – for writing checks, light reading, nail care, magnifying anything
  • At the pharmacy – to read prescriptions and medication information
  • Traveling – to read signs and maps
  • At restaurants – to read the menus
  • In any situation – when you need a handheld video magnifier

T-Shaped Handle

The unique “T” shaped handle is specifically designed to provide:

  • The least amount of stress on a users wrist
  • Equal balance and weight distribution for both handle and viewing monitor
  • Very comfortable grip, which also helps to limit accidental dropping
  • Hands-free writing, keeping users hands on paper and pen, not their magnifier
  • Multiple hands-free positions (viewing Rx, filing a nail, playing cards, etc.)
  • Fully encased battery, like a cell-phone, users DO NOT change batteries, only re-charge them.

The Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier work’s great with the new Pebble Stand!

Which would you prefer?

Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier

Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier


2 different types of Pebble HD – same great price!

Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier Order # PEB HD-SS – Cost $595

The standard Pebble HD model is fully functional. Our Pebble HD standard model comes with initial set up – clock is set and key click “on” when it arrives at your door.

However, tech lovers can get into the full system and it is fully-customizable for all 28 color select modes and a variety of extra options, including saving 200 images, porting them to your computer and having the Pebble HD speak in one of 5+ languages.

Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier

Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier Basic Order # PEB HD-BASIC – Cost $595

The Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier Basic is perfect for elderly, technically challenged and cognitively low functioning people. This simple-to-use Pebble HD “Basic” has fewer options and modes to prevent users from being confused.

The unused buttons are TURNED OFF. So, if a user touches the talking clock button, or the adjustment wheel, or the freeze button, etc. – nothing happens. Users who do not need these features will not be confused if they accidentally press the unused buttons. They are totally disabled.

The Pebble HD Handheld Magnifier Basic gives you the basic magnification functions of the standard Pebble HD and use of the mode button, but is run on a basic system with all the expanded options permanently turned off (except for +/- zoom, mode and power).

Simply hold your Pebble HD over any object you wish to view and you can begin!



Product Manual

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  • All New HD camera with 4.3″ LCD
  • Adjustable magnification from 1.25x to 13.5x
  • Plus activating Extended Zoom provides 16.2x, 20x
  • Easy-to-use large tactile buttons with bump dots in two color choices
  • Adjustable brightness with lights on/off feature
  • 28 available color select modes
  • Real time clock and calendar
  • Audible feedback
  • Weighs only 7.2 ounces
  • Carrying case included
  • Multi-purpose handle allows usage in various positions
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 3 hours of continuous use
  • Freeze frame with image save capability and PC download
  • 2 year warranty
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA

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