ONYX® Deskset HD 20″ With Carry Case


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The ONYX Deskset HD is a portable video magnifier that features a 3-in-1 flexible, high definition camera and monitor all in one self-contained unit you can bring with you to school, work, home or anywhere.

ONYX Deskset HD is Easy to Use

ONYX® Deskset HD 20" With Carry Case  ONYX Deskset HD is lightweight, easy to use and has an attached handle that makes it easy to carry with you no matter where you go.

The ONYX Deskset HD Auto focus feature means you can position your camera on anything (up close to across the room) and the camera will automatically self-adjust and focus itself for the clearest view possible.

Focus lock lets you keep your camera focused on one area while you perform tasks with movement (such as writing, crafts, tool projects, self-hygiene and maintenance, etc.

No need to readjust and reset your settings repetitively because ONYX Deskset HD automatically remembers your previous settings for each view and will return to them.

The ONYX Deskset HD Find Function lets you quickly and easily target distant objects or even use to zoom out to find your place on a document and then zoom back in to continue reading/viewing where you left off.

ONYX Deskset HD Comes with a High Definition 3-in-1 Camera

The ONYX Deskset HD camera rotates in 3 directions and is great for distance, self and even up-close viewing. Whether you want to see documents up close on your desktop, objects in the distance or even yourself, ONYX Deskset HD makes it easy to magnify and see:

  • Printed type on pages, in books, classroom assignments, homework, magazines, cookbooks, business or finance documents and any reading materials
  • Handwriting in cards, letters, checks
  • Photos, images and pictures (enjoy seeing your loved ones faces again)
  • Product labels on food items, medications or prescription labels
  • Across large rooms, out the window, in the class room or even across auditoriums
  • Yourself with the magnified true mirror image up-close for styling purposes, for hygiene or even for self-checks for medical reasons. (No more guessing or asking others, with ONYX Deskset HD you can know you look great!)
  • Out your window to know who is at the door, what is happening outside, or use ONYX Deskset HD to enjoy birds, wildlife and nature
  • Craft projects, tool projects, or any projects around the house, at school or at work

The ONYX Deskset HD camera arm rotates 330 degrees, the camera itself tilts 315 degrees and swings 180 degrees to give you flexible viewing no matter what you want to magnify.
The ONYX Deskset HD High Definition camera makes seeing small details easier than ever and gives you crystal clear continuous magnification up to:

  • 106x (20-inch monitor)
  • 118x (22-inch monitor)
  • 131x (24-inch monitor)

ONYX Deskset HD’s Monitor Settings Help You See Clearer, Brighter and Easier So You Can Be More Productive

With ONYX Deskset HD you can increase or decrease the brightness of your monitor to help you reduce eye strain. The Freeze Frame feature lets you hold an image your screen to keep your place or for a closer look at small objects.
ONYX® Deskset HD 20" With Carry Case
ONYX Deskset HD comes with 6 factory default modes and 27 extra color modes (33 total high-contrast color modes) you can activate and use. Find the perfect mode that suits your magnification viewing needs.

  • True full color
  • High Contrast full color
  • Grayscale

Use adjustable shades, masks and reading lines to help you focus in when viewing images or keep your place when reading text on the screen.

The ONYX Deskset HD Reading Lines added horizontal or vertical lines to your screen to help you keep your place when magnifying and looking at an image or reading text.

Use Shading Masks (two semi-transparent bars) or Full Masking (two solid bars) to block part of your screen to show only a horizontal or vertical segment. Both shades and masks help you focus in on the screen area and reduce glare from bright backgrounds.

Adjustable Shade and Mask Options include:

  • Horizontal Shades
  • Horizontal Masks
  • Vertical Shades
  • Vertical Masks

ONYX Deskset HD is filled with features that help you or your loved ones with low vision be more independent and productive at home, at school, at work or anywhere on the go.

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Self-contained and easy to carry Magnification up to 105x (20-inch monitor), 115x (22-inch monitor), and 125x (24-inch monitor) Distance, document, and self views Camera settings saved for each view Camera rotation in all three directions 33 high-contrast color viewing modes (6 default plus 27 configurable) True full color plus high-contrast full color
Freeze Frame Adjustable Reading Lines, Masks, and Shades Find Feature Focus Lock Unique, pocket-sized RF remote control Optional rolling carrying case