Everest-D V5


Emboss documents, business cards, braille labels or even long books! No matter what your embossing needs are, the Index Everest braille embosser is the answer. And being most versatile braille embosser on the market, it’s perfect for home use or volume production. Use standard cut-sheet office media for your embossing needs and you won’t be disappointed.


  • 120 characters/second
  • Quality double-side braille – the industry standard
  • High-resolution tactile graphics
  • 50 pages of standard cut-sheet paper *with new sheet-feeding technology
  • Wide range of media types and sizes available

Here’s a link you might find interesting – Index Everest-D V5 embosser images: Link to Flickr Album

How to print Braille Business Cards

October-15-2019 Firmware Update for Basic-D and Everest-D embossers. <Click Here to Learn About the New Firmware Update for Basic-D and Everest-D Embossers>  <Click here to download this latest firmware>

February-02-2020 Firmware Update for V5 embossers – Index BrailleApp. <Click Here to Learn More>

The Index BrailleApp is a game-changer of Braille editors. It is included free-of-charge, for an unlimited number of users in all Index V5 printers.

  • Braille editor with Previewing, editing and saving of the braille document
  • Braille layout monitoring, selection and editing
  • Monitoring of the embosser, status, update, network, Bluetooth and USB memory stick
  • Communication setup, network and Bluetooth

Index BrailleApp is available in all Index V5 printers, connected to a LAN and upgraded to the latest firmware.

Braille Printing Made Easy

Everest-D V5

By using the BrailleApp and any V5 printer a standard document may be printed in braille without additional software or braille knowledge.

Index BrailleApp

  • Index BrailleApp is available in all Index V5 printers, connected to a LAN and upgraded to the latest firmware.
  • Supports literary and contracted braille in more than 150 languages (Liblouis table)
  • Intuitive setup. The BrailleApp uses the translation and formatting parameters defined by the printer’s active layout.
  • Easy to use, no license or registration is required.
  • Supports operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Unix.
  • Supports standard browsers such as Internet Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

<Click here to learn more about BrailleApp>

BrailleApp PrintingEverest-D V5
How to print standard documents

  • Select the browse button in the BrailleApp home page. Select your standard file (.doc, docx, pdf, ePub).
  • Press “preview”. Now the braille text will be presented on your screen,
    • Braille presentation is default. It can be edited by six-key-entry where f=1, d=2, s=3, j=4, k=5 and l=6 or any dot combination.
    • MIT Ascii. In this window the braille text is presented as corresponding standard American text. The braille document may be edited with a standard keyboard.
    • Text representation is generated with the back translation in Liblouis. The text window cannot be edited.
  • To print, go to Braille representation, select number of copies/range and print.
  • The edited braille file may be saved.

<Click here to learn more about BrailleApp Printing>

Braille Labels

Everest-D V5

Label printing features in the BrailleApp:

  • Setup of user defined label including size, margins, position, number of labels etc.
  • Printing of single and double sided labels
  • Supports Index V5 printers

Donation Program 2020

Index Braille will donate one set of Index Everest-D V5 with an Acoustic Hood Everest, free of charge.

Index believes in the possibility to improve braille literacy for the blind.

The donation program is open for new applications until the end of 2020.
<Click here to learn more about the Index Donation Program>


We Are Here To Help

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Dimensions: 22" x 17" x 7" (13 cm x 52 cm x 26 cm)
Weight: 26.4 lbs (12 kg)
Noise: 60 dB(A) with acoustic hood
Paper type: Cut Sheet
Paper weight: 120 – 180 gsm
Paper width: 5 – 11.7 inches
Paper length: 4.7 – 23.2 inches
Embossing speed: 110 cps
Braille cell: 6 or 8 dot
Max character per line: 48, depending on paper
Tatcile graphic resolution: Up to 50 DPI

User interface: Multilingual speech feedback
Keys: Back lit, labeled in ink and braille + LED status
USB: USB 2.0 standard
Network: 100 MB standard TCP/IP
Serial interface: 9-pin female
Headphone plug: Standard 3.5 mm
Web interface: Embedded web server for embosser status monitoring and setup
Temperature: 59 – 104 F (15 – 40 C)
Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC
Power max: 140 W
Power stand by: 5 W
Eco power down: 0.05 W