Is The iPad Not All You Thought It Would Be?

iPads and tablets can be great assistive technology, but sometimes they are not enough. Has your organization invested in iPads and tablets, but now you find these devices to be lacking? Do you or your students find struggling with holding an iPad while trying to read or write to be distracting? Have you had issues with adjusting the screen and image quality? Sometimes you just need more than an iPad or tablet can offer.

A CCTV video magnifier can fill in the gaps and make your life easier.

Reading is easier 

Writing is easier 

Distance Viewing is easier!

Here are the top 8 benefits of switching from an iPad or tablet to a CCTV video magnifier:

  1. Student is less distracted by games, apps, emails, etc.
  2. Image is sharper, no ghosting on the page.
  3. No stands needed.
  4. Focal length is set, no adjusting needed.
  5. Field of view is wider on CCTV, up to 13.5+ inches.
  6. Working distance is far greater upwards of 18 inches.
  7. Image is steady.
  8. Hands are free.

We have some great options that can supplement what the iPad lacks!

  • DaVinci Pro by Enhanced Vision
    Is The iPad Not All You Thought It Would Be? Training

    DaVinci Pro

    Are your eyes fatigued when you read lots of text? Give your tired eyes a rest with DaVinci Pro’s text-to-speech OCR feature. Let DaVinci Pro read your favorite article or book aloud. This is a huge benefit for anyone who wants to read a lot of voluminous print, which is often found in books, newsletters, magazines, etc. Simply place your printed text under the HD OCR camera and press a button; DaVinci Pro will begin reading what is on the screen within a few seconds.Click here to learn more!




  • Topaz PHD by Freedom Scientific
    Is The iPad Not All You Thought It Would Be? Training

    Topaz PHD

    The lightweight TOPAZ® PHD offers the comfort and productivity features of a desktop video magnifier but folds away like a laptop. With auto-focus, a wide magnification range, intuitive controls, six default and 27 customizable high-contrast color modes, and adjustable reading lines and masks, the new TOPAZ PHD offers the freedom to independently read and view the details that matter in the home, office, classroom, or on the goClick here to learn more!




  • Acrobat HD Mini by Enhanced Vision
    Is The iPad Not All You Thought It Would Be? Training

    Acrobat Mini HD

    See near, far and everything in between with Acrobat HD-mini ultra. Full high definition allows you to experience vivid colors and contrast, giving you a beautiful crystal clear picture and vibrant display. Its small footprint and lightweight design provides true portability from the classroom to home and work. A generous 13.3” display offers a large field of view, allowing you to see more on the screen. Easy to set up and ready to use, just take it out of its optional rolling case and you’re ready to magnify in seconds! Click here to learn more!




  • Ruby XL HD by Freedom Scientific            
    Is The iPad Not All You Thought It Would Be? Training

    Ruby XL HD

    The RUBY XL HD puts crystal clear, high-definition magnification in the palm of your hand. At just 10.5 ounces, the slim RUBY XL HD goes anywhere with you. The five-inch screen brings out even the finest details. You can magnify materials up to 14 times – books, photographs, newspapers, medications, labels, and more. The 20 high-contrast color viewing modes let you adjust text to be easy on your eyes. Click here to learn more!




  • Amigo by Enhanced Vision                                  
    Is The iPad Not All You Thought It Would Be? Training

    Amigo HD

    Amigo HD displays amazing crystal clear HD images with vibrant colors, at any distance, on a large 7 inch widescreen LCD. So lightweight and simple to use, you will never want to be without it. Place it directly on your reading material or hold it up to view an item at a distance. Amigo HD offers two desktop hands free positions, allowing you to easily read, write, pay bills, file nails and work on hobbies. Click here to learn more!



  • Pebble by Enhanced Vision    
    Is The iPad Not All You Thought It Would Be? Training

    Pebble HD

    Pebble HD is a low vision magnifier that boasts a new HD camera providing a crisp, clear, colorful, high definition picture. A new ergonomic lightweight compact design makes it the perfect low vision aid whether at home or on the go. Carry this low vision product in your purse, pocket, or clip it on your belt with the included carrying case.Click here to learn more!

Are you frustrated by limits to using your iPad or tablet for your low vision needs? Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of switching from an iPad to a CCTV video magnifier? If so, call us today at (888-211-6933) to schedule a demo of any of these devices or to learn more. 

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