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    Introducing FSCamDSBridge, the software that makes your Freedom Scientific PEARL camera product available to any Windows app, not just Openbook and JAWS anymore!

    Freedom Scientific produces several highly-regarded camera products that work seamlessly with our software. For example, using our PEARL portable reading camera is one of the fastest, simplest and most accurate ways to take a picture of any print and turn it into text, thanks to OpenBook and optical character recognition features in JAWS® and Fusion™.

    When you use our hardware in conjunction with our software, there’s nothing special to install or enable, it just works, and that’s the way technology should be.

    We appreciate your investment in our quality hardware, and we want to make our products as flexible as possible. That’s why we’ve released new, free software called FSCamDSBridge.

    The software, available for 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows, makes your Freedom Scientific camera visible to any Windows app that can use a camera.

    Here are a few examples to illustrate just how flexible FSCamDSBridge makes your Freedom Scientific camera. Once you’ve installed FSCamDSBridge, a PEARL camera can be seen by a third-party OCR application like KNFB Reader for Windows or Kurzweil 1000 for rapid, effortless document scanning.

    If you have an ONYX Portable HD or TOPAZ XL HD video magnifier, you can now use it as a webcam with third-party video software such as Skype™ and Google® Hangouts. With the ONYX Portable HD, you can rotate the camera to its self-view position to video chat with friends or co-workers. With either the ONYX Portable HD or the TOPAZ XL HD, you can place objects under the camera to stream and share images with others.

    Setting all this up is a matter of a one-time software install. Once that’s done, your Freedom Scientific camera will be seen by any Windows app looking for a camera.

    To install the free FSCamDSBridge, visit the download page.

    If you’ve been thinking for a while about making the PEARL a part of your toolbox, remember that it’s only $295 and can be ordered directly from New England Low Vision and Blindness.  We’re sure this new software will help you make even more use of your favorite camera products.

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