19 New Accessibility Features in iOS 14 That Everyone Can Take Advantage Of

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    According to the CDC, one in four U.S. adults has a disability, where limitations can involve vision, cognitive function, hearing, motor skills, and more. That’s why the iPhone has accessibility features; so that everyone can use an iPhone, not just those without any impairments. And iOS 14 has only made the iPhone even more accessible, with tools that even regular users will love.

    3. And Text Within Images & Photos

    Another significant aspect of VoiceOver’s new abilities is that it can read any text found within images and photos. So if the text is actually part of the image or photo, VoiceOver will recognize it. When VoiceOver Recognition is turned on, “Text Recognition” is enabled by default.

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    This article was published on July 23, 20202 by Gadget Hacks and authored by Jon Knight.  To read the original article, you can visit this link – https://ios.gadgethacks.com/how-to/19-new-accessibility-features-ios-14-everyone-can-take-advantage-0323436/


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