What to Bring to Make Your Low Vision Consultation a Success

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    What to Bring to Make Your Low Vision Consultation a Success Resources Living with vision loss can be frustrating at times. There are so many challenges, and learning new ways to see and do things is never easy.

    As you experience vision loss, you experience a world of “can’t.” Your eye doctors may have told you that they can’t do anymore to restore your sight or to save your vision. You become surrounded by a world of things you can’t do anymore. We want you to know that YOU CAN. There are hundreds of low vision aids to help you change the conversation.

    Your appointment for a low vision consultation with us can be the first step towards regaining your independent lifestyle. Our goal for your visit is to have you walk out with a new way of seeing things and the understanding that you CAN. To help make your low vision consultation a success, here are some things we recommend you bring with you.

    Background/Diagnosis of Your Vision Loss—Your Level of Vision Loss

    Knowing your diagnosis and level of vision loss and how it has affected you helps our low vision experts to best make recommendations to help you enhance your vision and do all the sight-related activities that you used to/want to do. If we start with your current level, we can then show you more possibilities, tips and techniques to help you maximize the vision you do have.

    Your Goals—What Do You Want To See Or Do Again?

    What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to see or do again? The more specific you are, the clearer it will be for your low vision expert, and the better the recommendations you will receive. Being specific helps us to tailor our recommendations to you. Here are some examples:

    What to Bring to Make Your Low Vision Consultation a Success Resources Do you want to read again?

    We may recommend you get a DaVinci Pro. DaVinci Pro is the most flexible CCTV with a 3-in-1 camera that lets you see near, far and everywhere in between. It also has a built-in OCR text-to-speech system that lets you relax your eyes while DaVinci Pro reads out loud for you at the push of a button. We may also recommend the EYE-PAL Ace Plus which is specifically designed for text-to-speech (reading out loud) for lots of content, but it also has magnifying capabilities.

    What to Bring to Make Your Low Vision Consultation a Success Resources Do you want to be able to see to cook, do crafts and hobby projects again?

    Then we may recommend a 3-in-1 video magnifier because these CCTVs have a higher clearance between their base and magnifying camera to help you get your projects right under the camera.

    What to Bring to Make Your Low Vision Consultation a Success Resources Do you want to be able to read menus and labels when you are on the go?

    We may recommend a handheld electronic magnifier that you can fit in your purse or pocket to read signs, labels, menus and more when you are out and about.

    What to Bring to Make Your Low Vision Consultation a Success Resources Do you want to be able to see yourself put on your make-up again or do other self-grooming activities?

    Then we may recommend a flexible 3-in-1 video magnifier CCTV with a moveable camera that can be twisted to give you a mirror image of yourself and can be used for grooming, hygiene and even self-medical checks (such as for diabetics to check for skin discolorations).

    What to Bring to Make Your Low Vision Consultation a Success Resources

    Are you a student or a worker that wants a portable device to help you see at home, at work or in a classroom?

    Then we may recommend the Transformer or the MagniLink Zip Premium both of which give you all the magnifying power you need and yet are small and lightweight and fold to an even smaller size for you to bring with you everywhere, every day.

    What to Bring to Make Your Low Vision Consultation a Success Resources Do you want to be able to look across the room or out the window?

    Then we may recommend 3-in-1 CCTV with a moveable camera that can be adjusted to see out the window to see birds, weather or any goings-on. It can be used to see who is at the door, the faces of loved ones or to watch television. The only limit to what these versatile magnifying machines can do is your imagination.

    Knowing your goals helps our low vision experts make specific recommendations that are personalized for you to help you regain your independence and increase your quality of life.

    Your Glasses, Magnifiers and Other Aids You Currently Use

    It only makes sense if you wear glasses (for every day, for reading or for seeing) that you will want to bring them along. You will want to try all the low vision aids with and without your glasses to see the difference and find which works best for you.

    You will also want to bring in any handheld magnifiers you are using at home as a comparison to the low vision aids in our showroom to help you see the difference in how they can enable you to see more.

    What to Bring to Make Your Low Vision Consultation a Success Resources Photos and Reading Materials You Want To Be Able To See Again

    Do you miss seeing photos of your grandkids or reading cards from your loved ones? Did you have to give up your daily routine of reading your favorite newspaper? Do you miss reading books and magazines?

    The best way to know if a low vision aid is working (and the right fit for you) is to bring things from home that you have difficulty seeing. Why not take advantage of your visit to our low vision showroom to again see the faces of your loved ones or those photos from your favorite vacation years ago?

    We recommend you bring in:

    • mail from home
    • a phone bill or utility bill
    • a greeting card or letter
    • your favorite recipe or cookbook
    • magazines you like to read
    • your local newspaper
    • a book you want to read
    • your favorite photos or any photos
    • newsletter from your club or association
    • a small craft project (such as a small model or some knitting work)
    • anything from home that you used to be able to read/see that you want to read/see again

    What to Bring to Make Your Low Vision Consultation a Success Resources Patience

    There are many low vision aids designed to be easy to use, but that doesn’t mean you will be an expert the first time you sit in front of one. As with any new equipment or technology, it takes some time to get familiar with it. So take your time and be patient. You will see that it is well worth it when you find yourself reading and seeing independently again.

    A Special Note on Patience to Anyone You Bring With You to Your Low Vision Consultation

    Patience goes for any family or friends you bring along too. I have seen it. You may be used to doing things for mom and dad, and yes you may be able to quickly learn how to turn the knob to control the zoom function, and yes, your eyes do not have vision loss, so you can perfectly see the materials on the screen. Having said all of that, are you the one that needs the low vision aid? Do you plan on using it every day? If not, then step back and let mom or dad, or your friend take the time he or she needs to become familiar and master what they need to enhance their vision.

    Let them try the low vision aids, fiddle with the controls until they too have the hang of how to use them. It may take a little longer, but they will get it, and the time spent learning in our showroom will make the difference when they are home alone using it for themselves. So please step back, be patient and allow them the time they need to try things out, ask questions and regain their independence.


    Don’t be afraid to get hands-on with the different low vision aids in the showroom. These machines are sturdy—so don’t worry—you can’t break them. The more you try, the better you will understand how they work, their abilities and limitations so you can best pick the one that is suited to you and your needs.

    Move the tray back and forth, play with the zoom knob or buttons to change contrast and lighting. Find which settings work best for you. Remember, you can always reset them later. You are in the driver’s seat, so don’t be afraid to get hands-on. This is your time to test and try new things.

    New technology can be intimidating, but it can also be your best friend. Think about all the things you want to do and see, but have been unable to because of your vision loss. These low vision aids are designed to give you back your independence. They are made to help you again do the daily activities that you want and need to do.

    What to Bring to Make Your Low Vision Consultation a Success Resources A Sense of Curiosity

    Ask questions about how to do things you want. Our low vision experts have more than 70 combined years of experience in low vision themselves. They may be able to give you tips and tricks you haven’t thought of. Ask questions about the equipment until you fully understand how it works and all it can do.

    The Right Attitude

    A Stanford Research Institute study says success is 87.5% percent positive thinking. To put this another way the key to overcoming any challenges is attitude. If you start thinking negatively and that you cannot do things then you should not be surprised that self-fulfilling prophecy says you will fail. But, if you start your consultation, with a can-do spirit, you may be amazed at all that is possible for you. Come to your low vision consultation with a willingness to change and to learn to see in a new way and you will succeed.

    Your Gut

    What to Bring to Make Your Low Vision Consultation a Success Resources We always tell people to go with your gut. We hope that every visitor will come to our low vision showroom with an open mind to the possibilities that are open to them through low vision aids. In our showroom you have access to all the low vision devices from every major low vision aid supplier. Having said that, we encourage you to stick with your gut. If you feel that you won’t use the equipment and that it will just sit on some table or desk gathering dust, if you feel that you are too old to learn new tricks, then it is NOT the right time for you to buy.

    We would rather that you wait until you know it is the right decision for you. We are not here to pressure anyone. Our experts do not work off commission so they can remain unbiased when recommending any technology to you. Do not worry, we will still be here with all the latest devices, training services and advice when the time is right for you.

    We want your low vision consultation to be a success. We want you to walk out of your low vision consultation empowered with a new way of seeing.

    A consultation with our low vision experts could be the first step towards your increased independence and a better quality of life. So why not call today (888-211-6933) to book your appointment to learn how YOU CAN SEE AGAIN.

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