Top Magnification Apps For The Blind and Visually Impaired

Top Magnification Apps for the Blind & Visually Impaired
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    Are you searching for the Top Magnification Apps for the Blind and Visually Impaired – search no further!

    Did you know that approximately 10% of the American population has low vision? That is why magnification is a necessity for this population to keep their independence.  In addition, many of this population has access to an iPhone or iPad.

    Well with great cameras built-in along with the apps you can install on your iPhone or iPad that can act as your magnifying glass.  I have found a few apps but with the update of the iOS 10 and great camera built-in, Apple added “magnifier” to its accessibility toolkit. Hope this helps!!!


    They are not letting anymore magnifier and flashlight apps in the app store because of the upgrades to the iPhones. But thankfully they kept this one. This app performs two basic tasks; magnification and illumination – someone said super powers for your eyes.  This app is really nice when you are trying to copy down a serial number or better still, get the SSID numbers off your router. It will light up the area using the flashlight and then use the magnification and the screen to enlarge the view.  You can take and picture and share it.

    Lumin is an electronic magnifying glass for your iPhone or iPad. Not only does it magnify items, it can also keep a running history of images and can save or share these images with your friends via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Locked images can be magnified 10 times, or even more with ideal lighting, and can also be automatically mirrored to your Dropbox account.

    Where to Find Out More

    Cost:  $0.99

    SuperVision+ Magnifier

    Developed By Massachusetts Eye and Ear this app has great stabilization, as well as the ability to hide the buttons to enable you to use the full screen, flash light support, auto focusing and snapshots can be saved and retrieved.  They have got it covered, very cool app really designed for the visually impaired in mind. Some of my students have used this app in the science/biology classes as a microscope, that’s how powerful it is. Nice and simple!!!

    SuperVision+ is the only magnifying glass app on the market that offers a supreme live image stabilization capability. Highly magnified images are usually shaking. It is a problem especially for old people. No more image shaking with SuperVision+ magnifier (magnifying glass).

    Where to Find Out More:

    Cost:  Free

    Magnifier – Built into the iPhone and the iPad

    You know your iPhone it’s not just a big piece of toast you hold to your ear, it’s a magnifying glass in your pocket!  Who would have thought? Magnifier was built into the iOS 10 updates but many still do not know about it as it is somewhat hidden.  It lives in setting/accessibility. Once it is activated it turns your home button into the activation for the magnifier. It is pretty cool and relatively simple.  I found this video to help with the how to’s of turning on the magnifier. Enjoy!!!

    Magnifier works like a digital magnifying glass. It uses the camera on your iPhone to increase the size of anything you point it at, so you can see the details more clearly. Use the flash to light the object, adjust filters to help you differentiate colors, or snap a photo to get a static close-up.

    Note: The quality of the magnifier, including how closely it can focus on text and objects, will vary depending on the quality of the camera in your iPhone or iPad.

    Where to Find Out More:

    Cost:  Free – Built in

    ~ GloriaTop Magnification Apps For The Blind and Visually Impaired Technology Tech Tips

    Gloria Stuart is a Senior Assistive Technology Specialist and Trainer at New England Low Vision and Blindness.  Gloria is both an expert and user of low vision equipment providing assistive technology services to children and adults in RI and the New England region for more than 20 years.

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