Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Doctors and their Patients

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    Low vision technology offers significant benefits to patients with visual impairment!

    • Enhanced Independence: Devices like magnifiers and electronic aids enable independent daily tasks.
    • Access to Information: Screen readers and OCR devices provide access to printed and digital content.
    • Customized Solutions: Tailored aids cater to individual visual needs.
    • Increased Productivity: Patients can engage in work and activities with these aids.
    • Emotional Well-being: Effective aids boost confidence and reduce frustration.

    New England Low Vision and Blindness is pleased to partner with eye care professionals to help their patients increase their independence and improve their quality of life.  We offer you and your patients:

    A Unique Experience
    We offer your Patient a much different experience than the usual referral locations like non-profit organizations, government agencies, and low vision eye doctors.

    Free 2-hour no-obligation assessment of the latest technology in their home.

    We represent all the major low vision and blindness suppliers.

    Training at your Patient’s home, work, or school.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Designed to make sure your Patient made the right decision.

    We are here to help
    We are well-known, tested, proven, and trusted. No matter what your Patient’s low vision or blindness needs, we have the right solution with compassionate care – Guaranteed!

    Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Doctors and Their Patients

    In the following sections, we’ll take a comprehensive look at each of our top 10 low vision aids for macular degeneration and other types of low vision impairments, representing different categories. We’ll delve into their features, benefits, potential limitations, and real-world applications, offering you a detailed overview to help you find the one that suits you best.

    1. Vision Buddy TV Low Vision GlassesTop 10 Low Vision Aids for Doctors and their Patients Top Choices Technology

    Introducing Vision Buddy TV Low Vision Glasses, an innovative solution designed to enhance the television-watching experience for individuals with visual impairments, specially tailored for veterans. This groundbreaking product magnifies a direct feed of your TV, allowing users to comfortably lay in bed and look up at the ceiling while the TV broadcasts directly to the headset, magnifying the image up to 10 times its original size.

    As the world’s first ultra-simple Television Watching System for the Visually Impaired, Vision Buddy TV Low Vision Glasses provide a seamless viewing experience. Simply connect the Vision Buddy Streamer to your existing cable TV box or any other TV provider, and enjoy live television through the Vision Buddy headset. Specifically crafted for various low vision eye conditions such as Age-related Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, and more, this device allows users to zoom in or out, recreating a movie theater experience right in the comfort of their living room.

    Wirelessly display your TV onto Vision Buddy, enabling you to watch television while lying in bed and looking at the ceiling, with the option to increase the magnification up to 10 times the normal size. Don’t let vision loss hinder your enjoyment of TV – Vision Buddy TV Low Vision Glasses offer a simple yet powerful solution to ensure you never miss a moment of your favorite shows again!

    2. Patriot ViewPoint Low Vision Glasses

    Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Doctors and their Patients Top Choices Technology

    Meet the Patriot ViewPoint Low Vision Glasses, a groundbreaking wearable tailored for your patients diagnosed with Macular Degeneration or Stargardts. Showcasing an impressive 101-degree viewable field, these glasses leverage advanced Samsung virtual reality technology, providing a hands-free experience for various activities, whether at near or distant ranges. This exclusive Patriot product offers unparalleled versatility.

    The wide-screen 101-degree view sets it apart as the largest on the market, delivering a super-sharp display that brings everything closer, bridging the gap between near and distant objects. From reading up close to discerning people’s faces, watching TV, or perusing the newspaper, the possibilities are limitless.

    The Patriot ViewPoint Low Vision Glasses harness the power of virtual reality to envelop your eyes in an extraordinary crystal-clear image. Choose between full-color, high-contrast black-on-white, or negative text mode, and with a simple button press, transform text into speech using OCR technology with remarkable accuracy.

    Designed for extended wear, these glasses feature genuine Samsung Virtual Reality hardware, ensuring both comfort and ease of use. The central control area allows users to effortlessly adjust magnification, backgrounds, and brightness, and convert text into speech, all without the need for extensive technological expertise. Embrace simplicity and elevate your visual experience with the Patriot ViewPoint Low Vision Glasses.

    3. Eyedaptic EYE5 Low Vision Glasses Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Doctors and their Patients Top Choices Technology

    Meet the EYE5 Low Vision Glasses – now enhanced with EyeSwitch! These innovative glasses offer a unique 2-in-1 functionality, utilizing both the phone’s camera and the glasses for a wearable visual aid and handheld magnifier. Featuring patented simulated natural vision software, the EYE5 Low Vision Glasses optimizes functional peripheral vision by capturing the environment through a small embedded camera. The captured image is then manipulated, enhancing pixels, and re-displayed for an improved visual experience.

    Designed to provide a hands-free viewing experience, the EYE5 Low Vision Glasses simulates natural vision, empowering individuals with retina-related vision loss to lead more independent lives. Specifically crafted for those with AMD (age-related macular degeneration) and Diabetic Retinopathy, these glasses leverage augmented reality (AR) technology and artificial intelligence to enhance vision naturally.

    Weighing less than 3 oz., the all-new EYE5 Low Vision Glasses offer lightweight and discreet comfort. Key features include an all-in-one user interface, image processing, and convenient battery charging through a cell phone tethered to the glasses. With Eyedaptic, embrace a vision-enhancing solution that seamlessly integrates technology for a more fulfilling and independent lifestyle.

    4. LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Reader

    Meet the LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Reader, an automatic scan text-to-speech device that eliminates the need for button pressing, providing a simple and immediate conversion of text to speech. With an impressive fifteen-hour rechargeable battery and a lightweight design of only 3 lbs, the LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Reader LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Reader ensures convenient portability, folding flat for easy transport.

    Designed to assist individuals living with blindness or vision impairments, the LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Reader excels in speed, accuracy, and user-friendliness. This innovative device scans printed documents and reads them aloud, offering a seamless experience for a variety of reading needs. Whether it’s a book, envelope, letter, prescription label, or any other document, the LyriQ simplifies the process.

    Utilizing the LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Reader is a breeze – just place the document on the device’s base surface, and it will immediately scan and start reading the contents aloud. There’s no waiting, pressing buttons, or frustration involved. The interactive and responsive LyriQ takes only a few seconds to initiate the text-to-speech conversion, providing a swift and efficient solution for those with low vision, and ensuring accessibility without compromise.

    5. CloverBook Lite Portable Magnifier

    Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Doctors and their Patients Top Choices Technology Discover the CloverBook LITE Portable Magnifier, a remarkable 12.5-inch FHD touchscreen portable magnifier designed as a versatile low vision aid for your patients. In a light, foldable, and extremely portable design, this device features an integrated foldable stand for easy placement on a table or desk, making it effortlessly accessible.

    User-friendly navigation is at your fingertips, with the option to use traditional tactile buttons or touchscreen gestures for magnification and contrast adjustments. The large 12.5-inch full-HD screen provides an ideal platform for various activities, from browsing the newspaper to reading books or exploring photo albums. The adjustable screen angle ensures a personalized and comfortable viewing experience, with ample space for hobbies like writing, painting, or crafting.

    The CloverBook LITE Portable Magnifier seamlessly combines the convenience of a traditional desktop magnifier with the portability of a modern device. After use, simply fold it up for compact storage or take it with you on the go. With features like live panning, connectivity to a TV for larger viewing, multiple contrast modes, and a rechargeable/replaceable battery, the CloverBook LITE is the perfect companion for your patients seeking a blend of functionality, portability, and modern technology in a single device. Enjoy reading, writing, hobbies, and more with this innovative magnifier.

    6. explore 12 Portable Magnifier with Stand

    Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Doctors and their Patients Top Choices Technology

    Meet the explorē 12 Portable Magnifier, the largest in the Explore line of low vision aids for doctors and patients. This easy-to-use electronic magnifier delivers superb full high-definition image quality, catering to both near and distance viewing for a multitude of activities.

    Boasting a 12-inch touch screen, this magnifier provides an ideal interface for reading, writing, painting, drawing, and more. With an impressive magnification range, this tablet-sized device ensures the seamless continuation of everyday activities, such as reading, writing, viewing pictures, and maps, virtually anywhere.

    Ideal for students and seniors, the explorē 12 Portable Magnifier is both easy to carry and simple to use. It allows students to start their classes promptly, offering convenience and efficiency. Featuring live panning, users can zoom in and out, pan across a book, and choose from various color enhancements with just a touch of a button, enhancing visual contrast for a personalized viewing experience. Elevate your daily tasks with the explorē 12 Portable Magnifier, a versatile and user-friendly solution for doctors with low vision.

    7. Ruby XL HD Handheld Magnifier

    Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Doctors and their Patients Top Choices Technology

    Introducing the cutting-edge Ruby XL HD Handheld Magnifier, a powerful addition to low vision aids for doctors, providing crystal-clear, high-definition magnification in the palm of your hand. This slim and portable magnifier features a five-inch screen that brings out even the finest details, allowing doctors to magnify materials up to 14 times, including books, photographs, newspapers, medications, labels, and more.

    Designed for comfort and ease of use, the Ruby XL HD Handheld Magnifier snaps open to hold the screen at a natural angle, effortlessly sliding across documents as doctors read. Color-coded tactile buttons simplify adjustments for magnification, color modes, and the addition of reading lines or masks. The fold-out handle offers two positions for a firm and balanced grip while reading packaging labels or prescription bottles.

    The Ruby XL HD Handheld Magnifier is available in two models: Ruby XL HD Handheld Magnifier in traditional red with color buttons, and Ruby XL HD Handheld Magnifier in gray with high-contrast black and white buttons. Your patients will be able to freeze and save images with the push of a button, storing up to 80 images, such as phone numbers, serial numbers, and family pictures. Conveniently transfer these saved images to a computer via USB for further accessibility. Elevate your professional toolkit with the Ruby XL HD Handheld Magnifier, a versatile and user-friendly solution for doctors requiring advanced low vision aids.

    8. explore 5 Handheld Magnifier

    Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Doctors and their Patients Top Choices Technology The explorē 5 Handheld Magnifier offers one of the best image quality low vision magnifiers packed into a handheld powerhouse.

    The ease of use and outstanding ergonomics make the explorē 5 Handheld Magnifier the device selected by active people who are looking for a magnifier they can take everywhere.  Magnify menus, fine print on documents, packaging and much more – the explorē 5 Handheld Magnifier makes life easier for anyone with vision problems.

    The product is ready to use as soon as you take it out of your purse or pocket.  No instructions are necessary.  The large, bright buttons are clear and simple to navigate and the features are intended to help in every need.

    The explorē 5 Handheld Magnifier is the right choice for active people with mild, moderate or severe vision loss who need variable magnification and contrast.


    Introducing the explorē 5 Handheld Magnifier, a revolutionary addition to low vision aids for doctors and your patients that combines portability with exceptional image quality. This handheld magnifier stands out as an all-in-one product, featuring a handle and a tilt screen for added convenience – a true WOW factor!

    Designed for active individuals seeking the best image quality in a portable device, the explorē 5 is a powerhouse magnifier. Its ease of use and outstanding ergonomics make it the preferred choice for those with mild, moderate, or severe vision loss. Magnify menus, fine print on documents, packaging, and more with this handheld electronic video magnifier, making life easier for your patients dealing with vision problems.

    Ready to use right out of the purse or pocket, the explorē 5 requires no instructions. The large, bright buttons offer clear and simple navigation, and the features are tailored to address various visual needs. Whether your patient needs variable magnification or contrast adjustments, the explorē 5 Handheld Magnifier is the ideal choice for patients who are active and require a versatile solution for their low vision needs.

    9. Merlin Ultra 24″ Full HD Desktop Magnifier

    Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Doctors and their Patients Top Choices Technology

    Discover the transformative Merlin Ultra 24″ Full HD Desktop Magnifier, a pinnacle in low vision aids for doctors and their patients that brings joy to the hearts of individuals seeking a solution to frustration, inactivity, isolation, and depression. This magnifier not only simplifies the lives of those who consider themselves “technologically challenged” but also provides a simple and effective way for seniors to engage in various activities.

    Designed with simplicity in mind, almost 100% of seniors can use the Merlin Ultra 24″ system to see photos, read newspapers, mail, prescriptions, phone numbers, recipes, nutrition information, calendars, and more. It serves as a crucial tool for seniors in managing finances, writing checks, creating shopping lists, composing greeting cards, and filling out forms.

    The Merlin Ultra system stands out with its wide 8.85″ viewable field, reducing the need for constant back-and-forth movement of magnified text. This not only increases reading speed and personal productivity but also reduces fatigue, fostering feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction.

    This affordable low vision aid offers the best picture quality in HD desktop video magnification. With full high-definition color and contrast, the Merlin Ultra 24″ provides super-sharp crystal clear images and vibrant color accuracy. Contact us today to explore how the Merlin Ultra 24″ Full HD Desktop Magnifier is not just a tool for vision but a tool for the heart, bringing wonder, hope, and joy to those who need it most.

    10. Envision Low Vision Glasses 

    Top 10 Low Vision Aids for Doctors and their Patients Top Choices Technology

    Introducing the groundbreaking Envision Low Vision Glasses, a cutting-edge addition to low vision aids for doctors, utilizing the power of speech to enhance accessibility for individuals with visual impairments. This wearable device is a game-changer, significantly improving the daily lives of blind and visually impaired individuals by providing an intuitive and easy way to access various visual information.

    The Envision Low Vision Glasses are equipped with AI technology, combining the features of Google Glass 2 with Envision’s award-winning AI. These glasses, designed to be worn comfortably all day, come with two frame options: the Standard Titanium Frame, a lightweight minimal frame with no lenses, and the Smith Optics Frame, a designer spectacle frame with zero-power lenses replaceable with custom prescription lenses.

    Utilizing integrated cameras and built-in speakers, the Envision Low Vision Glasses speak out the visual world, recognizing and vocalizing text, objects, people, colors, products, and more. This AI-powered wearable device mirrors the functionality of the Envision app, enabling users to effortlessly access visual information. Elevate your daily experiences with the Envision Low Vision Glasses, a revolutionary solution designed to empower those with visual impairments.

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