TOPAZ® XL HD 20″ Desktop Video Magnifier


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The Topaz XL HD desktop video magnifier lets you see more. Whether you want to read the newspaper again, see photos of loved ones again, enjoy your favorite crafts or hobbies, or even just read the labels on medicine bottles and cans, the Topaz XL HD gives you a clear high-definition image that is extra-large. In fact, Topaz XL HD is so large it has the widest field of view of any desktop magnifier so you can see more without having to move your content back and forth.

See More, Read Faster

Topaz XL HD is the perfect choice for school and work environment because you can maximize the information displayed on your screen so that you can be more productive. Its extra-wide field of view lets you see and read more at once without moving content from side to side.

Easy to Use, Easy to Teach

The Topaz XL HD CCTV comes with colored, tactile buttons that are:

  • Easy to Identify
  • Easy to Learn
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Teach

Each tactile button has an ergonomic design that is easy to grab and control. No matter what your level of technical expertise— whether you are an expert or a novice—it takes little time to master the Topaz XL HD controls.

TOPAZ® XL HD 20″ Desktop Video Magnifier

  • Black Dial = Magnification / Zoom and Freeze Frame
  • Yellow Dial = Brightness and Find
  • Blue Dial = Color and Contrast
  • Green Button = Turns on and off
  • Purple Switch and Wheels = Reading Lines and Masks

No fumbling to hold medicine containers, bottles and cans so they won’t roll away

Read bottle and can labels with ease. No more fumbling with one hand to keep pill bottles still while trying to get your CCTV to focus. Topaz XL HD comes with a fixed groove in its tray to hold anything round. It keeps your medicine bottles, cans of food or anything round steady so they won’t roll away while you zoom in to magnify them.

Personalize Your Settings

Topaz XL HD comes with easy to use controls that let you fully customize your settings so that they are unique to you. You have control over the settings and extra features so that your magnifier works best for your needs.

Here are even more of the great features you get with Topaz XL HD CCTV Desktop Video Magnifier

  • Clear, vivid image at less than 2x magnification—see across an entire page at once
  • 30 customizable high contrast text color modes
  • Directed LED lighting—for a bright work surface without glare
  • 25 inches of workspace under the camera—to magnify even large books, projects and hobbies
  • Extra large reading table—for newspapers, oversized books, and handcrafts
  • Freeze Frame, adjustable Masks and Lines, Focus Lock and Find feature
  • PC Computer compatibility
  • Position locator beam
  • Pen and Pencil holder built into tray—to reduce fumbling for your pen while using your magnifier
  • Available in three (3) sizes – 20″, 22″, and 24″


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Magnification up to 78 times (on some models) 20-inch Auto-focus camera Accurate colors and even illumination with no glare to minimize fatigue 33 screen color modes including high-contrast full color, true-color, and grayscale to fit your viewing needs Over 8 inches of working space to write and work comfortably Unique can and bottle holder holds round objects steady Extra-wide reading table to smoothly glide large books and objects under the camera Adjustable monitor can be raised or lowered, tilted forward or back, or turned 90 degrees to the right or left
Custom high-contrast color modes Color-boost contrast Brightly-colored control buttons Comfortable swivel screen LED lighting reduces glare One-touch button to freeze images Freeze Frame to stop movement for close inspection of small objects or to keep your place Focus Lock to maintain focus while writing Find feature to quickly zoom out, find your place, and zoom back in to read Reading Lines, Shades, and Masks to reduce eye fatigue and focus on what you want to read

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