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The exciting new features built into OpenBook make this the fastest and most accurate text recognition software available today!  The power of OpenBook software will transform your personal computer and scanner into a fully functioning reading solution!

The new OpenBook Scan and Read Software and the new PEARL camera are the perfect portable solution for reading and capturing images – allowing you to take a picture and begin reading in a matter of seconds.  The page guide helps you align your documents to easily capture a clear image each and every time – the built-in motion detection prevents you from taking a picture until the page is turned and perfectly positioned.

OpenBook 9 Scan and Read Software features allow you to customize the appearance of the text on your screen, including font style, size, character spacing, and colors. With the Split View option, easily compare the original document and the results of OCR conversion.

The new Camera View allows you to simply place a document on a scanner or under the PEARL® camera and OpenBook begins to read aloud to you and display the recognized text on the screen within seconds.  This new feature will allow you to use PEARL as a video magnifier and easily perform tasks where you previously needed a magnified view.  You can also open any electronic file on your computer and edit what you need.  With OpenBook you are in control of how a page is read and presented on your computer screen to you.

You can use any of the current scanners on the market or the PEARL™ Portable Reading Camera from New England Low Vision and Blindness.  (Scanner not included.)


  • Support for Windows® 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Convert printed text to natural, human-like speech in many languages
  • Powerful optical character recognition provides editable text
  • Scan bound books and maintain pagination
  • Powerful low vision features tailor the appearance of text on the screen, including font style, size, character spacing, and colors
  • Lightning-fast OCR with the PEARL document camera
  • Automatic page capture for efficient document acquisition
  • Versatile document navigation and management tools maximize your productivity

Business and Classroom Features

  • Enhanced ability to search for and download books and other materials from the Internet
  • Full support for listening to DAISY and other audio files
  • Add comments and highlighting for increased productivity
  • Emboss Braille documents directly from OpenBook
  • Export to other applications like Microsoft® Word®
  • Common key commands with JAWS® and MAGic®
  • Built-in photocopy functionality
Highlight important passages of a document for later reference
Insert your own comments in a document
Scan bound books and maintain pagination
Export to other applications like Microsoft Word or Notepad
Enhanced ability to search for and download books from the Internet
Full support for listening to DAISY and other audio files
Built-in Braille support
Built-in photocopy functionality
Supports Windows 10

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