Focus 40 Blue 5th Generation Braille Display


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Refreshable Braille Display – 5th Generation!

The fifth generation of the Focus 40 Blue braille display is more rugged and stronger than ever. We’ve built the housing from aluminum and steel, added bumpers to absorb shock, and physically isolated the Braille cells to create a Braille display to meet the demands of the active user.

And, like previous Focus Blue models, the fifth generation is lightweight and compact with a user-friendly keyboard and control layout. You can have up to five Bluetooth connections so that you can easily connect to iOS and Android™ devices such as smartphones, iPads®, and tablets. You can also use the Perkins-style keyboard for effortless Braille text input to control your computer. When you combine the Focus 40 Blue with JAWS®, you have the ultimate in speech and Braille access to your computer.

Focus Blue 5th Generation Firmware Update 5.82-14 Available Now (October-2021)

This update includes the following changes:

  • Scratchpad Improvements:
    • Scratchpad has been completely reworked to provide improved overall performance when opening, editing, and saving files.
    • Added several commands based on customer feedback:
    • Added a new Advance menu containing the following options to help improve the reading experience: Word Wrap, Reverse Panning, Hide Cursor, Hide Dots 7 and 8.
  • The new One-Handed Mode feature allows users who are unable to enter data using two hands to use the Focus display.
  • Bluetooth pairing code no longer required by default.
  • The Focus now supports Flash Messages, which are short informational messages that appear on the display for only a few seconds.

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Focus Blue 5th Generation Firmware Update 5.81-58 Available Now

This update includes the following changes:

  • Support for opening Spanish Braille (BRA) files in the Scratchpad when the Focus language is set to Spanish.
  • General performance improvements when using the Scratchpad. These include:
    • The low battery warning is now displayed, and
    • improved messages indicating when a file is not editable
  • If the display was left unattended for an extended period of time, you no longer have to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable to resume braille output

IMPORTANT: This update is for the Focus Blue 5th generation braille displays. DO NOT install this firmware on older Focus 14 Blue, Focus 40 Blue, or Focus 80 Blue 4th Generation braille displays. The 5th generation Focus Blue braille displays have a Menu button between keys 1 and 4 on the Perkins-style keyboard. If your display has a Menu button, follow these instructions to upgrade the display.

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•40 Braille cells •8-dot Braille keyboard •Seamless braille with a more crisp and uniform feel •Convenient front panel controls and customizable NAV rockers •Our exclusive NAV Rockers let you rapidly scroll by line, sentence, paragraph, or pan through a document •Menu button, conveniently centered above the cursor router buttons, for quick access to calendar, clock, Bluetooth connections, and more •Select your personal Braille firmness with VariBraille •USB-C micro connector - always right-side-up to reduce wear and tear
•Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity - switch between five Bluetooth devices and one USB connection •Out-of-the box compatibility with Apple® iOS 11 and Android devices •Use with JAWS for combined speech and Braille access •Use with JAWS for Braille Study Mode to learn and teach Braille •Works with JAWS BrailleIn™ for contracted Braille input and full control in Windows®

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