LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Reader Change Notification

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    LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Reader Has Been Updated!

    We are excited to announce a recent (November 2022) modification that will take effect on all new LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Readers:

    The wireless communication between the keypad and the LyriQ main unit has changed. The new interface is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) which is much more reliable than the current standard Bluetooth interface.

    This will have two positive benefits on all new LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Readers:

    1. More reliable and much faster connection.
    2. Longer battery life on the keypad.

    What is NOT changing:

    • Wired connection stays the same. When the keypad is connected to the main unit, the communication is going through a USB cable.
    • Keypads are charged via a USB connection. Can be charged from a LyriQ USB port or another USB adapter.


    To learn more about this upgrade please contact a Technology Specialist at New England Low Vision and Blindness via at

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