DaVinci 24″ Flat Panel Monitor

DaVinci Pro Desktop Magnifier
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    Revolutionary Low Vision Device

    DaVinci Sony® HD camera displays crystal clear images in vibrant color and contrast, resulting in the brightest white and deepest black. DaVinci’s high resolution LCD produces maximum levels of picture detail for a clear, bold display. Large field of view allows you to see more on the screen.

    Give your tired eyes a rest with our text-to-speech (OCR) feature. Let DaVinci read your favorite article or book aloud. Simply place your printed text under the DaVinci camera and press a button; DaVinci will begin reading what is on the screen within a few seconds. Choose a male or female voice and use the headphone port to enjoy this feature in private. Many different languages are available.

    DaVinci can be used as a video magnifier to see near, far and everything in between. You may also use the self-viewing camera position, like a mirror, for applying make-up or other personal grooming tasks. With DaVinci, you’ll have the freedom to read, write, view presentations, whiteboards, and work on crafts and hobbies at work, school or at home.

    HDMI Options for DaVinci and Merlin Elite Lines

    This is a reminder….Late last year and based on market and dealer feedback, all DaVinci’s and Merlin Elites (Pro and Non Pro models) started shipping with a new HDMI option for computer toggle.  Previously, the option was only VGA.  Now we have both!

    DaVinci 24" Flat Panel Monitor Technology

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