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    The transition to young adulthood can be challenging for everyone – there are higher expectations, more independence and lots of social and emotional changes to adjust to. And the stakes are even higher if you are blind or visually impaired.  Career Launch @ Perkins Resources Announcements Education News Training

    That’s why Perkins School for the Blind has developed programs dedicated to supporting young adults through this transition – whether their path takes them to college or on the first step to a successful career.

    Career Launch is a job training, internship, and career services program for blind or visually impaired high school graduates – ages 18 to 26 – who may or may not have attended college. The curriculum is designed to give young adults the hands-on training and experience they’ll need to build a sustainable career in professional fields where exceptional customer engagement is key to business success.

    Each attendee will leave this program as a well-rounded problem solver with transferable skills in any number of areas, including sales and marketing, transaction management, recruitment, client services and more.  This program will begin in September 2019. Additional program details and an application are available online at www.Perkins.Org/CareerLaunch or you can contact: Carol Kinlan, Director of Recruitment Transition Programs,

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