ARPA Relief Funding

Here is what you need to know about the ARPA Relief Funding

The American Rescue Plan Act is providing funds to schools and libraries across America to address learning loss and the academic needs of students. These funds will be allocated by each state to schools and libraries for the purchase of assistive technology.

This is a great opportunity for you to reach out to your contacts at local schools and libraries and have them evaluate their facility’s needs and action plan for facilitating distance learning, in-person learning, or a hybrid of both with the help of our products.

<Click here> for a link to an ARPA fact sheet with helpful information, as well as <click here> for a link containing information on state allocation.

In summary, schools and districts can use stimulus money to better support students who are blind or low vision.

Repository of Pandemic Stimulus Funding Options for Students

Many Educators and State Agency Representatives have asked us about available grants and funding options available for students who have been impacted by COVID-19.

<Click here to learn more about the Pandemic Stimulus Funding Options available>

If you know of other stimulus funding resources that are not included, please send us an email at

Low Vision and Blindness Technology Training Services for Students, Teachers and Schools

We cater to a broad spectrum of visually impaired technology users, including K-12 students, college students, Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVIs) and educational professionals.Our specialized Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts provide support, resources, trainings and problem solving to help teachers, students and TVIs.

We offer the following services to help low vision, blind and visually impaired students gain a sense of independence and learn to compensate for their vision loss:

Evaluations & Assessments

Whether it is a K-12 or college student, our Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts work to fully understand the personal needs of the student and work in collaboration with the student’s team to identify the best possible solution.

We work with individual students to evaluate and determine the most realistic training goals and provide personalized and caring training.

Training Services for Students & Teachers

Our Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts deliver comprehensive training services for visually impaired students and the educational professionals who serve them.

We provide training services to help visually impaired students to use mainstream products (such as PowerPoint, Word, etc.) to keep them on an even playing field with their peers.

Product Recommendations

We provide ‘patient choice’ showcasing numerous technology options from the world's most respected suppliers, all in line with one's individualized budgetary limits and personal, educational, or professional goals. We also provide custom training solutions and troubleshooting support.

We help our clients find the best solution to meet their budget and their goals.

Now is the time to look into Comprehensive Assistive Technology Evaluation and Training Services for Students.