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    Transformer HD with WiFi + OCR News Technology

    Transformer HD now with a new design and connects to iPad wirelessly! (Also connects to PC, Mac & Android)

    How many times have you heard someone ask, “is it compatible with an iPad?”

    Now the answer is a resounding…yes!

    The new Transformer HD Wi-Fi is a total redesign…and a break-through new low vision product!

    It has all the functionality of the former version, plus so much more!

    The new Transformer HD now houses a built-in Wi-Fi.  This allows the new Transformer HD Wi-Fi to connect to an iPad, using no wires… that means…Wirelessly…!

    The benefits of this new wireless functionality are enormous!

    Remember… the new Transformer HD Wi-Fi also has a built in 2-hour battery, so students with low vision do not have to plug it in during class (a 2nd 2-hour battery and 2nd charger are also included) – students are not anchored to a wall with a long power cord, and they are not fighting with messy “spaghetti” wires. Students are also NOT bleeding down any laptop batteries, because the battery on the new Transformer HD Wi-Fi is totally independent from the users laptop.

    Transformer HD Software Compatibility

    We are happy to announce that Transformer HD is now compatible with the latest versions of Supernova (16.06), Zoomtext (11.7) and Zoomtext 2018.   Additionally OCR capability has also been added when using these 3rd party add-ons.   For complete technical updates, question and answers, and how to update your Transformer HD, please click here to read the Transformer HD Tech Bulletin.

    You can watch a video of the Transformer HD by clicking here.


    May 2021 – New Features and Updates:

    We’ve updated our Transformer HD Technical Bulletin to include instructions on how to update your Transformer HD unit firmware for RN (registration numbers) 02.28 and 03.05 to our latest 03.06.

    Please click on the links below for further information and complete step-by-step upgrade instructions:

    <Click here for the Windows Technical Bulletin>  or  <Click here for the MacOS Technical Bulletin>


    March-20-2020 – New Features and Updates:

    In an on-going focus on continuous improvement and listening to their customers, the manufacturer believes their products should not only be feature-rich, but they should be easy to use and understand. That said, they have upgraded our Transformer HD product to greatly improve the user experience.

    • iOS12 and iPadOS13 compatibility
    • macOS Mojave/Catalina compatibility
    • Further Improved robustness to crashes, including under Windows 10 Education
    • ZoomText 2019/2020 compatibility and New Selectable OCR Text feature in the OCR-TTS window allowing ZoomText/SuperNova text reading option
    • New freeze frame and multiple display support for ZoomText 2019/2020
    • Audio/Video recording support in Windows over USB3.0
    • Migration to a newer more modern Nuance engine from an older version. This migration utilizes the latest OCR engine technology allowing for a better customer experience
    • And many more not listed here!

    For all units beginning with Serial Number S0309001 or higher, these upgrades will automatically be included. If you have an earlier version and would like to upgrade, you must uninstall the old Transformer software and install the new software.
    Please click on the button below titled Technical Bulletin for further information about these New Features and complete step by step upgrade instructions.

    <Click here for the Technical Bulletin – Windows>  or  <Click here for the Technical Bulletin – Mac>  or  <Click here for the Transformer HDUser Manual>

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