Reveal 16i Full HD Portable Electronic Video Magnifier


Price includes 5-6 hour battery and carry case.

The Reveal 16i Full HD Portable Electronic Video Magnifier is an intuitive, easy to use and foldable digital magnifier that offers an unmatched crisp, and crystal-clear image quality thanks to its 10x optical zoom camera. Reveal 16i Full HD Portable Electronic Video Magnifier

The Reveal 16i – designed for seniors and students with simplicity in mind – it enables to read documents, textbooks, and newspapers as well as to write down notes. Reveal 16i also allows you to view distant objects like an artwork, your own backyard or even the whiteboard.  This new low-vision solution will help you stay productive in your daily life and allows students to easily carry from home-to-class.

Reveal 16i is a unique, smart, intuitive, and compact foldable magnifier. In addition to all the features of Reveal 16, this smart digital magnifier also allows you to video chat with friends, check emails, watch videos on YouTube, listen to podcasts on Play Music, download the available Android applications from the Play Store and even have your books read to you.

Reveal 16i is a smart solution that allows you to open your books and take digital notes before sharing them with others.  With Reveal 16i, you can use the touchscreen or the buttons. The choice is yours. Reveal 16i is truly the next generation low-vision magnifier and your personal computer rolled into one!

Keep It Simple
With only 4 buttons and a user-friendly interface, it is the simplest magnifying solution on the market!

See Life In A Bigger, Better Way
Reveal 16i will make reading enjoyable again, even for long periods of time, without tiring your eyes thanks to its large 16-inch screen delivering an uncompromised image quality.

See Farther
Reveal 16i allows you to clearly see objects at distance like artwork or your grandchild playing with his friends outside. Simply point the camera in the right direction.

Move Freely….Reveal 16i Is Foldable
Easily stow Reveal 16i when not in use or bring it with you when needed. It is lightweight, takes little space and is easily stored thanks to its ergonomic design.

The Reveal 16i allows you to:

  • See at a distance with unmatched image quality.
  • Download Android applications from the Play Store.
  • Browse the web with Chrome.
  • Video chat with your friends.
  • Watch your favorite videos on YouTube.
  • Listen to podcasts on Play Music.
  • Check your emails.

Powered by Prodigi, you can:

  • Capture and save documents and images for future reference.
  • Recognize text on printed documents.
  • Magnify captured documents up to 80x using Diamond Edge technology.
  • Capture multi-page documents.
  • Edit documents (captured or PDF).
  • Read books (Bookshare).
  • Take notes.
  • Read documents and menus out loud to reduce eye fatigue.

Prodigi Version 4.3.0 Now Available! We are pleased to announce the release of Prodigi 4.3.0 software for both the Reveal 16i and the Prodigi Connect 12, a completely free update available right now! This version includes several new features. Here are the highlights of this software update:

1. New Books Application Page Mode <click here to watch the video>

  • Possibility to read a downloaded book in page mode.
  • See Images in a book like graphs in a math book.

2. New Navigation Mode: <click here to watch the video>
When Prodigi is setup with Audio/Speech/On, press and hold two fingers on the screen to turn ON or OFF the new Navigation mode to be able to navigate through the button banner and all what is on the screen.

3. New User Interface

  • Don’t need big Icons and you want more on one screen? Then turn on the new Tile interface and get the possibility to add up to six applications per screen that are installed on your tablet.
  • To activate the Tile interface, go to Settings/User Interface/Interface and choose Tiles.

4. APP Search <click here to watch video>
Search and launch apps that are installed on the tablet. You do not need to go into Android anymore.

5. Quick APP Access <click here to watch video>
Have apps that you access regularly and more than others? Place them in the Quick Access menu to access them quickly so that you do not have to search for them in Android.

6. Import and Export Files <click here to watch video>
Import and export files to and from your USB key in PDF, JPG or Text.

7. New OCR Engine
Quicker, more accurate, colored font recognition and new Arabic language support.

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Size and Specifications:

Reveal 16i Full HD Portable Electronic Video Magnifier

Reveal 16i Full HD Portable Electronic Video Magnifier

Watch Video
Quick Overview
Adjustable 16-inch screen
Four large and contrasting buttons
10x magnification optical zoom
Up to 45x digital magnification
Real 1x
Document overview
Programmable contrast colors
HDMI port
Polarized LEDs
Optional battery available
Optional carrying case
Robust and foldable
What's in the box
Reveal 16i Device
User Guide
Getting Started Sheet
Power Adapter
North American Power Cable
European Power Cable
UK Power Cable
Australia Power Cable

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