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    Last week, Michelle Perkins was given the Every Day Hero award by the Grafton schools.  Michelle has worked very closely with a totally blind student who is graduating high school and going on to the Berkley School of Music.  Michelle has provided technology training and moral support to this lovely young lady and her family for about 11 years.

    I have worked closely with Michelle since the fall of 1995, when she answered my add for a driver.  Little did I know what a hero she would end up being to so very many people including me!  I knew I liked her from the first moment but I really had no idea how far she would go in the blindness field.  Maybe I had no idea where I would go and how much we would travel the often rocky road of life together.

    I am blessed to have her in my life and so are all the other people she helps and guides every day.  I have seen her go through things that would knock most people flat and she still has a smile for everyone else who needs a smile.

    New England Low Vision and Blindness is very lucky to have Michelle on their staff.  She is one of the best in her field and her field grows wider and more complicated every day.

    Here is a big cheer for my every day hero!

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