Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic Have you experienced vision loss due to an injury, eye or systemic disease? Has your vision loss made you feel isolated? Have you tried different eye glasses, surgery and injections only to be told by your eye doctor “I’m sorry, there’s nothing more we can do?” Have you been told that you’ll have to give up the activities you love because of your vision loss?

Vision Loss is not the end. There is more that you can do.

Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic Visit Our Newly-Opened Advanced Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic

Our newly-opened Advanced Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic provides a unique 2-hour experience in specialty low vision rehabilitation services to supplement traditional eye care, to help you maximize your residual vision to make it more functional so that you can see, do the activities you love and live independently again.

Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic

Dr. Kara Gagnon, National Director of Advanced Low Vision Optometry & Rehab Services

Led by Dr. Kara Gagnon, renowned Doctor of Optometry with more than 20 years of experience in low vision optometry, a visit to our Advanced Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic can be life-altering:

  • Keep Your Job and Stay in Work
  • Go Back to School
  • Continue to Enjoy Your Hobbies and Interests
  • Read
  • Watch TV
  • See Facial Features Again

We say we can help you do everything but drive a car or fly a plane.

How? By helping you better understand your specific vision loss, by teaching you new skills like eccentric viewing to make the most of your remaining vision, and by using the latest vision technologies. We determine the best distance correction levels of magnification (needed for different activities), tools and technology to maximize your residual vision.

At our Advanced Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic, we understand vision loss and have experts with decades’ worth of wisdom and proven success in helping people improve their quality of life and regain their independence. You will be shocked at the outcomes.

“I spent the last 20 years being told by doctors that there is nothing more they can do, then I met with [Dr. Gagnon] and was reading within an hour.” ~Jim B., Connecticut

Gain Better Understanding of Your Vision Loss

At our newly-opened Advanced Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic, we work to educate you to help you fully understand the pathology of exactly why you suffered a vision loss. Learn why you received the critical treatments you did and understand where and how to consistently access your remaining vision. With better understanding comes better outcomes.

Dr. Gagnon takes time to fully explain your diagnosis and where in the eye your vision loss is occurring, to help you better understand the basic anatomy and what is happening inside your eyes. Her goal is to help you feel empowered by knowing your eye’s anatomy, disease and functional vision.

Once we have reviewed the reasons for and results of your vision loss, we want to know what your goals are so we can help you develop skills and give you tools to help you reach them.

Gain Better Use of Your Remaining Vision

Our Advanced Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic helps people with vision loss gain skills and techniques to become very proficient with the vision they do have.
Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic
During your appointment, Dr. Gagnon will start with chart reading, qualify your prescriptions and then introduce tint, magnification, eccentric viewing, lighting—all to help you maximize your remaining vision.

  • Qualify Prescription
  • Tint
  • Magnification
  • Eccentric Viewing
  • Lighting

Dr. Gagnon first determines your optimal distance prescription allowing you to see to walk more safely and with eccentric viewing, see facial features more easily, then she helps you to master seeing at near in order to read and see details more clearly up-close. Next, she works with your distance vision to watch tv or see a presenter or teacher and slide presentation with more clarity.  Finally, she corrects your intermediate or mid-distance levels to write, use a computer, and enjoy hobbies and interests at arms length. Her goal is to meet each and every one of your goals, greatly improving the quality of your day.

Find Your Best Distance Prescription and Appropriate Level of Magnification

At the Advanced Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic, we do more than just use a formula for your expected magnification, we give you a directed, hands-on trial with graduated levels of magnification to find the power that best maximizes your vision and meets your goals. We determine the best magnification levels for different tasks, at different distances.

Find the “Sweet Spot” in Your Vision to Master Eccentric Viewing

Learn how to find the “sweet spot” in your vision (the viable part of your retina or remaining part of your visual field) where you can see clearly and the most information at a given distance. Master techniques on where your sweet spot is, how to get there and maintain it (by eliminating head turn), and how to use it with a device. This simple skill gives you the ability to control and access your remaining vision with “eccentric viewing” so that you repeatedly see best.

Find the Right Low Vision Tools and Technologies to Help You See Again

Low vision and blindness technologies are better than they have ever been and can be great resources to help you do the activities you love and regain your independence. But there are so many different types of low vision aids, how do you know which ones are best and which ones will work for you?

At the AdvancedLow Vision Rehabilitation Clinic you have access to every major low vision and blindness technology and device from every major supplier. We give you personalized recommendations and hands-on experience with the latest low vision aids that we think will work best for you.

Best of all, since none of our employees work off commission, we always make unbiased recommendations and will even tell you if a particular aid may not be a good fit for you.
Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic

Make an Appointment for our Advanced Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic

Vision loss is not the end. Call today to schedule your life-changing appointment with Dr. Kara Gagnon at the Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic.

The Advanced Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic by New England Low Vision and Blindness is located at:

1077 Bridgeport Avenue, Suite 103
Shelton, CT 06484

  • Advanced Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic appointments start Friday, May 20th
  • Appointments available every Friday from 8:30am until 5:00pm.

To make an appointment to see Dr. Kara Gagnon, call 888-211-6933.


People often feel victimized by their visual impairment and can have a sense of hopelessness and isolation. Our goal for your visit to our Advanced Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic for when you leave this examination is that you have skills you didn't have before, which greatly impact almost every aspect of your life, significantly enhancing your quality of life, opening you up to all kinds of new opportunities!

We are understand how vision loss affects many aspects of your life. Our goal is to maximize your remaining vision and empower you to use it without frustration.

Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic