DaVinci Pro Announces New Free Major Upgrades

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    DaVinci Pro Announces Major New Free Upgrades

    Now Even Simpler, More User-Friendly and More Advanced!

    As part of their continuous improvement, DaVinci Pro has announced a major free upgrade that gives you more than a dozen new features and enhancements.

    DaVinci Pro is a premium 2-in-1 that combines all the best features of a desktop magnifier CCTV with a full page OCR text-to-speech reader. DaVinci Pro also has high quality HD and an adjustable 3-in1 camera helps you see up-close (for reading), in the distance (across a room or even out a window) and everywhere in between.

    The new upgrades make DaVinci Pro even easier to use so you can see, read and live independently again. Special new DaVinci Pro features and upgrades include:

    • Larger Menu Sizes and Icons
    • More On Screen Messages
    • More Audible Messages
    • New brightness progress bar
    • Find and locator icon
    • Clock Screen Saver option
    • Better Color Windowing Options
    • New file download options
    • New Auto Language Detection
    • New Table Mode
    • New Full Page Text Only mode
    • New Single Line Text Only mode

    Below are a few highlights of DaVinci Pro’s new features and upgrades.

    New and Improved CCTV and Menu Functions and Options

    The new DaVinci Pro functions and options are all designed for your added convenience. DaVinci Pro added larger menu and icons sizes that are are even easier to for you to see and use. New and improved screen windowing options make color modes and functions easier on your eyes so you can strain less and see more. Added onscreen and audible messages (such as CCTV Colors, Volume, Zoom, or “save more pages yes or no”) give you more information and make DaVinci Pro even simpler to use. New Brightness and Brightness level graphics have been added to help you with controls. A new Find/Locate image now appears when you use the Find Feature for improved targeting accuracy. DaVinci pro now even has a new screensaver option that lets you display the clock when in standby mode.

    New OCR Text-to-Speech Modes and Features

    DaVinci Pro has two new OCR text-to-speech modes (in addition to its current Full Page Picture Mode) to add ease of use when listening to screen text being read out loud.

    The new Full Page Text Mode strips away all images and shows a full page of digital text only that is auto-formatted and wrapped to fill the entire screen.

    The other new Single Line Text Mode strips away all images and displays a single line of text only which is auto-formatted and wrapped from one side of the screen to the other.

    A newly added Table Mode Option ignores the default column recognition format and reads your files from left to right top to bottom. This new feature is especially convenient when you are reading bank statements, receipts, etc.

    The new Auto-Language Detection feature enables your DaVinci Pro to automatically detected and read multiple languages without needing to stop and reset the language in the menu.

    New File Format Download Options

    Beyond downloading to a .JPG format, users now have the ability to change file download formats to make them easier to process with third party software so you can conveniently use DaVinci Pro with even more of the programs you love. With the new DaVinci Pro upgrades, you can down download files as:

    • .txt
    • .rtf
    • .jpg
    • .pdf
    • .doc

    Contact Us Now to Learn More about DaVinci Pro’s New Free Upgrades

    With all these new features and upgrades, now more than ever before the DaVinci Pro is the best desktop CCTV magnifier on the market.

    Call us now at 888-211-6933 or email info@nelowvision.com to learn more about the free upgrades and how you can get a DaVinci Pro 2-in-1 desktop video magnifier with a full page OCR text-to-speech.

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