Top 10 Low Vision Products for Veterans

Top 10 Low Vision Products for Veterans Macular Degeneration Top Choices Veterans

UltraMag 5 Special Offer! The UltraMag 5 is a handheld electronic video magnifier that you can take anywhere. <Click Here To Learn More About UltraMag 5> <New Video Link> Here’s Our Top 10 Product List For Veterans: 1. Merlin Ultra 20” Full HD Desktop CCTV <New Video> 2. Merlin Elite Pro Full HD Desktop OCR/CCTV 3. Ruby…

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7 Best Low Vision and Blindness Products for Veterans

The Blinded Veterans Association recently gathered for a luncheon and invited Scott Krug, President of New England Low Vision & Blindness to join them as a special guest. At the event, Scott announced the 7 best products low vision and blidness products for veterans. See below additional information on each of the products on that list.…

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