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    Excelling in the Connected Classroom with the BrailleNote Touch Plus

    New England Low Vision and Blindness and Humanware are excited to offer an informative webinar on working on the newest features of the BrailleNote Touch Plus.

    This webinar will offer one hour of continuing education credits for ACVREP certified professionals and learn about:

    1.  Create and work with Google Slides
    2.  Accessing Links in a Google Doc
    3.  Useful tips for working within Google Docs
    4.  Making the Easy Reader app easy in the classroom

    Date: Thursday, October 22, 2020

    Time: 3:00PM – 4:00PM

    Location: Zoom

    Experience: No previous experience with the BrailleNote Touch Plus is needed for participating in this training.

    Use the form below to register, a Zoom invitation will be sent to you.

    BrailleNote Touch Plus Workshop

    A no-charge BrailleNote Touch Plus loaner is available upon request for trial, just send an email to about this opportunity.

    The BrailleNote Touch Plus is an intuitive, efficient and modern device which Braille reading students can use to complete classroom assignments. As the first Google-certified Braille tablet, classroom advantages include access to Google Apps for Education, access to apps in the Google Play Store and efficient ways to share classroom content.

    More Information About BrailleNote Touch Products:

    <Click Here For BrailleNote Touch 18 Plus – Braille Note Taker/Tablet>
    <Click Here For BrailleNote Touch 32 Plus – Braille Note Taker/Tablet>

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