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Picture of student with teacher and the caption - "We are pleased to announce that our Trainers are now Certified BrailleNote Touch Experts"
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    BrailleNote Touch Experts Announcements News BrailleNote Touch Experts Announcements News

    We are pleased to announce that Michelle Perkins and Gloria Stuart, Senior Assistive Technology Specialists & Trainers at New England Low Vision and Blindness  have been recognized by Humanware as BrailleNote Touch Experts.

    The intense certification and testing process consisted of 2 full days of training, review, and studying of several training videos, in-depth review of all the product manuals as well as the review and studying of other training resources.

    Michelle and Gloria have been working with the BrailleNote Family for almost 19 years but even that required considerable training.  “I will say the test was harder then we expected!”, said Perkins.

    A Team Approach

    Michelle and Gloria – each with over 22 years of experience helping TVI’s with their student’s IEP training needs – are part of the integrated low vision and blindness training team at New England Low Vision and Blindness.  Our trainers bring more than 75+ years of low vision and blindness training experience to their assignments. In addition to training, our Low Vision Technology Rehabilitation Experts also provide comprehensive technology evaluation services at your home, school or office.

    Michelle and Gloria do not replace TVI’s, they work alongside TVI’s as a support for the student, for integrating and learning how to use the student’s technology during classroom time, as mandated by the students IEP.  Michelle and Gloria can be hired as needed, whether that is once per month, four times per month, or four times per week as mandated by the IEP, for the duration of the school year.

    We Are Here To Help

    If Michelle Perkins or Gloria Stuart can assist you with any training needs for the BrailleNote Touch, or any of our low vision or blindness technology, please complete the form below or contact a Technology Specialist at New England Low Vision and Blindness to learn more. You can also call our toll free number 888-211-6933 or email us at

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