What CAN I do?!

60:SECONDS TO GREATNESS Tracy Andrews, Low Vision Specialist Episode 095 Ask Yourself “What CAN I Do?”
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    What CAN I do?! 60 Seconds to Greatness

    I want you to wake up each day and ask yourself “What CAN I do??!”

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    I have the privilege of talking to a lot of people in my job. In the beginning, they say the word “can’t” a lot!

    “I can’t read….  I can’t write my checks.  I can’t see my prescription bottles.”

    That little word is pretty powerful, for them, it’s a pretty negative word and I understand it!  I’ve been legally blind for over 40 years.

    I had a lot of people telling me 35 years ago….

    ….“You can’t go to college” – I went to UConn and graduated.

    …. “You can’t get a job” – I worked right after graduation and I’ve been working ever since.

    …. “You can’t have small babies and raise them” – I have two amazing adult children.

    ….They even said “Run a marathon, in your 50s, you can’t do that, you have no central vision, how are you going to do that” – Well, two marathons later I did it!


    Tracy Andrews, Low Vision ConsultantWhat CAN I do?! 60 Seconds to Greatness
    New England Low Vision and Blindness

    Tracy Andrews is herself legally blind, and shows customers the latest in low vision equipment and shares strategies and tips for how to live a full and independent life with a vision impairment.  Contact Tracy today to see how she can help you or a loved one. Tracy@nelowvision.com.

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